Are EVs Sensible or Hyped? | Podcast with Tarun

Haven’t seen this discussed anywhere. ICN Studio’s Vikas Yogi and Gagan Choudhary on their Cartalaap podcast discussed everything Ather Energy and EV space with @tarun :

They talked all about Ather’s products, brand, and the electric industry as a whole. One of the best podcasts I’ve seen with Tarun. The Forum got a special mention in it too :stuck_out_tongue:

The decisions of the company makes sense after reflecting on their journey these 10 years. Point about these Bangalore EVs being ‘aspirational’ and then coming to tier-two and three cities was absolutely true!

Also the point of awareness - or the lack of it is a big issue both in India and worldwide, regarding electric vehicles and any other ‘new-energy’ vehicles. There needs to be a way to dumb-down these Engineer’s rational explanations to the common person.

Final thought, about the difficulty in advertising AutoHold: I am the type of user most affected by this feature - living on a hill which even experienced drivers face difficulty in climbing. Here are some of my use cases affecting me on the daily:

Personal Experiences
  • Climbing the hill: The most basic task, if you stopped on a hill for whatever reason, going again is difficult with modulation of brakes and throttle. AutoHold really saves in this situation.
  • Closing the gate: My gate is also on a hill, so both when leaving my main entrance or going down to the garage for charging - I need to open and close the gate. AutoHold is a life saver, allowing to use both hands to do tasks easily.
  • Getting people on/off the scooter: Holding the brakes is a chore, and if you have friends and need to drop them off, single handed-goodbye is never enough. AutoHold allows for handshakes and hugs when saying goodbye.
  • Waiting for cross traffic: living on a busy street and having to wait for traffic on a hill to clear up and go to the other side, I hate having to hold the brakes when below 18% SoC. AutoHold when enabled, saves efforts.

Many times, all these AutoHold experiences occur at on a single ride. This is when it is just mind-blowing to use.

Advertising these daily nuances is better than advertising being able to get a tattoo when on a hill for AutoHold in my opinion lol


EVs are better than ICE in my Experience :crossed_fingers:


Incredible podcast. Tarun Mehta is incredibly smart as well, outpaces Elon Musk imo.