Anti-Theft Lock

When unknow people move vehicle that time some alarm sound triggered it


Hi Team

I am not able find the anti theft feature in my Ather 450X.

Please help me out with the steps.


Brother I’m suggesting this kind of features will come in future updates to the ather team


Hey there.

It is supposed to be already there in 450x but still not activated unlike 450. But for 450x or 450+ owners this is of least interest now owning to many other software bugs. So many of us are not raising any concern about this feature not unlocked.

Luckily the latest beta tester 10.1.6 update (I can’t say a charm) but almost 75 to 80% issues are cleared and the first possitive update without new bugs. All the testers (I am one) are giving possitive feedback. So may be we can expect the feature in coming updates. :crossed_fingers:


@abhishek.balaji coming from your request to continue this topic here, what we have discussed so far in dms:

Hope these are valid points no one has discussed elsewhere.


Just a small doubt is this feature working in 450X. I never saw that. It is available in 450 after recent updates. But I guess not in 450+&450X.

Good question, I am curious as well, @abhishek.balaji how does it work and how do we know it works properly in our scooters right now?

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We are supposed to get a notification if the vehicle is moved when it is locked to a certain distance. But this is not enabled in 450X yet unlike 450

A pin based system is highly welcome and in order to NOT hamper this experience we can be given a switch on off button in dashboard if we want to use pin to start or just how it is now without the pin just how tesla is. Without entering the PIN the vehicle wont power on that would be a nifty and really useful feature

Good idea, also @abhishek.balaji this feature should and must be optional and Ather should recommend every scooter owner to have this enabled.

  • A simple notification wont be much of a help. Imagine a person trying to steal your vehicle at 2a.m. You would be sleeping and wont be checking any notifications.
  • A pin based system on the other hand would be useful as he wont be able to access anything on the dashboard. You can access you location and everything else.

That is with the key on I suppose, a good idea indeed, but why use any features without the key and pin together?

My main concern is if anyone gets a hold of your key and try to steal your vehicle there is nothing we can do about it. Even incognito mode is non pin. Some kind of on demand security for those who need it.

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That’s exactly what I was discussing in my previous posts up there, let’s wait for @abhishek.balaji. This definitely has to be rolled out there ASAP, but the fact that it’s not even there on their roadmap is kind of sad.

  1. I don’t believe ather can do it. Just imagine what would happen if your pin doesn’t work? They’ll keep asking you to reset the dashboard till the end of time.
  2. Even if they can implement it, the thinking of ‘leaving nothing to chance’ is a very frail argument. What if the guy stealing the bike puts it in a faraday cage then loads it in a tow truck unloads it in a basement where there’s no signals at all and hacks into the system and resets the lock? Again, something has to be left to chance everywhere, in every solution. It’s only a matter of how probable it is that someone steals your scooter.
  3. Why not ask for a feature to keep the GPS turned on even if the vehicle is shut down? Faster implementation, easier implementation, you can find out where the vehicle is.
  4. or you can ask for a remote turn on feature (difficult to implement again) but

Why would you need anything electronic when you have something physical that can do the job much better? Ask for a beep sound that alerts you 5 seconds after you engage the side stand if you haven’t taken your key back from the slot, again a better way of reminding you to take your key back. Easier to implement as well.

I gave several ideas myself in my previous post, surely Ather can think of many more ideas.

Interesting, but I am quite sure thieves of such skillset are yet to come, what I was suggesting is a better protection method that must be there on a smart electric scooter that already has a tracking feature, compared to a regular one.

Maybe because the battery gets depleted. The point is to save energy on powering off, the shut down feature should be used on owner’s responsibility and it would defeat the purpose if the energy is not conserved when powered off.

what we need immediately is additional security which does not allow anyone to take the scooter with just the key.

Because the physical lock and key can be bypassed, so can be the software, but the combination is what makes it complicated for theft.

This is a good one. @abhishek.balaji, what do you think?

He will be greatly disappointed when he starts facing issues, calls up & gets asked to “force reboot” … he will put it back from where he stole it … JK :wink::grinning: