Anbu’s experience - Ather 450X


My Ather Experience after 4 Days: 150Km Ride Experience. I didn’t feel any problem , Except Some of the followings:

Day 1 : Dashboard won’t turn off after few min while charger plugged in. to solve this I need reboot the vehicle everytime. Afard turns off. and then I use the vehicle for short ride problem comes again but this time it turns off after 30 min.

Day 2 : Throttle stop responding while riding in the middle of the road , after that I step down move the vehicle to sideway and then restart to ride again.

Day 3 : while riding dashboard reboot 3 times. but vehicle still moving and throttle response are there. may be a software bug , must be resolved as soon as possible

Day 4 : 20 Hours of idle state my vehicle loose its 6km Range ( 93% Only ) may be this case is normal but I mentined for some people there is more degradation over 10% for 2 to 3 hours.

Bluetooth : Unable to use bluetooth while driving it disconnect after 5 min’s of driving. in 4 days only attend one call rest of 50 Calls while riding using bluetooth feature. bluetooth connect automatically when switched on the scooter and disconnect after riding 5 mins .

Android App: Everytime it ask “Enable Location Service” even after enable it. switching orientation gives location pop up window. and also when reading a forum post in app switching orientation leads to exit the current reading and go to forum home.

Dot to PC : Unable to switch from Dot to PC after invoice generation. because of unclear warranty related information provided by EC staffs and some forum member. because I need to ride 60km prepay I decently need one without this I can use the scooter only in eco mode.

Belt Noice : this one will reduce after some kilometres of ride.

Hot Air : Feel Hot air hit my hand while riding in sports and warp mode at the day time in Chennai. unable to rest palm after ride its really so hot. my son feel’s burn after I bring the bike to home at the day one.

Rest Everything is smooth and feel premium am happy to be an Atherian.


Definitely not safe. Raise a ticket and get it checked ASAP.

This happens a lot.

Unfortunately, happens to me too

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