An 'e-motion'al connect - Hemanth's Ather 450

I don’t know if anyone has experienced this, but recently I’ve seen a special thing happening with my Ather. We charge it overnight and turn off early morning. I’ve seen that the Ather is the new favourite place for a cat in our apartment to sleep. I suspect that it’s because of the heat from the battery pack in the floorboard during charging. I can’t see detect any heat with my bare hands/legs, but probably the cat finds it warm. @Ather.Team…can it be possible? Below is a picture i took one morning.


Definitely. The floor gets really warm while charging up. But trickle at 100% not a lot of heat. I’ve noticed the same too. Cats like sleeping under my scooter for some reason though


Yes you are absolutely correct even the cat sleeps on my Arther seat

True. In this one year, I’ve stopped bothering about it. As per my observation, this happens only when the scooter is parked. when it is running, this problem isn’t there.


Thank god your’s is on the floor board and not on the seat, a stray cat visit’s My flight and scratches the seat every night PS: it does save you from rat biting the harness


Today my Ather completes 1 year. It’s been a Happy Anniwheeersary! We’ve created lot of memories,good and bad, over this journey of 8758kms. It has taken me places, it’s attracted people, it’s inspired the next generation, it’s busted myths but most importantly it’s running just the way it did an year ago. Sunshine, rain, nails, bad roads, no roads, good roads whatever I gave it, it has run beautifully and everytime I twist the throttle my smile gets wider. Thanks @Ather.Team for providing such a beautiful machine and a wonderful experience so far.

If I’ve to summarise these 12 months in 12 pictures…in no particular order, these would be it.

Looking forward to more wheeeing…


Congratulations on 1year anniversary, btw where did you get the keychain, it’s amazing

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Thank you!

regarding the key chain, you can find more details in some of my previous posts of mine (quoted below for your reference).

Congratulation, Mr Hemanth.

We have experienced a strange problem today. As usual, my wife came back form office yesterday evening and plugged in the scooter for charging in our apartment basement parking. When I came home at around 18:30, I saw that the pod was off (usually I’m welcomed by the blinking green light). I thought my wife had forgotten to put it for charge. I went to switch it on and it was actually plugged in and MCB was on. I heard the DG sound and realised that power wasn’t there and hence it wasn’t charging. I went home. Power came back sometime later and the scooter charged overnight; or so we thought…

Today morning, my wife went down to go to office but strangely the scooter had only 15% charge :flushed:. The pod was blinking green but only 15% charge! She thought she’ll take her car but imagining the car in ORR traffic (silkboard towards belandur) at that time, she decided to work from home (generally if she goes by car she leaves early).

She removed the plug and put it back for charge and it said “charging”. We are keeping an eye for the charge but the app is only loading… we have to go to the basement everytime and look out. A strange problem and it’s a first! If we continue seeing this issue, I’ll report it to the CS via call of via the app(if it opens)


Last weekend, a colleague of mine got his Ather delivered and he wanted to have a casual talk. Instead we decided to go on a small ride. Called another friend who has a four month old Ather. All 3 of us went till Ramohalli Dodda aladmara (big banyan tree) for a small ride of 25+25kms ride. Some snaps from that…


Hi Hemanth, could you please enable your DMs, I can’t message you. I have some questions that I think you can help me out with. Thanks!