Allow Maps to orient north or direction of travel

The display map does not show the roads in the direction of travel. I might be traveling south but the map is turned to the North direction. Which means the forward direction is coming towards the driver. This would be a really nice addition. The direction of actual travel and the map must be the same.


This is one thing that always bugs me. I do hope ather looks into it.

Sometimes, I have no clue which direction is which and have to whip out my phone to make sense of where on earth ather’s map has brought me.

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I’ve not faced it in my 450. But since the maps on Ather is from Google and 450x is android, and also since it is paired to a phone, try the following. Open Gmaps on your phone and go to Settings>Navigation settings>Maps Display. Here there is an option “Keep North Up” which may have been turned on in your case. Slide it to “off” position and then check on your scooter if that reflects. Not sure but this should solve your issue.

Not sure I follow your ask, can you share an example of how it does and what you want it to look like?

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I believe this is what @vaidesh sir is trying to say. The map isn’t oriented properly. You can see the icons in the wrong direction. Sometimes the map itself displays upside down.

This is already off in my phone sir. Also, on a side note, just wondering @hemanth.anand sir, are you the same Hemanth Anand who posts on team-bhp?

Also while I’ve got you here @abhishek.balaji when can we expect something done about maps? It just seems so unfair to be paying for maps when it doesn’t work 95% of the time. In a 22 km journey it worked for the first 8km or so, then it wouldn’t reload, wouldn’t do anything. This was in the middle of the city!

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Got it, thanks! Had a discussion with the team about this and as I understand this is a feature that Google restricts only to the mobile apps, and doesn’t allow usage through APIs. We’ll continue exploring if a toggle like “keep north always up” is possible somehow.

I understand. On my 450X as well, peculiarly the maps doesn’t show directions at a very peculiar location. I’ve found that ending that navigation session and starting again starts it right back but is annoying since you’d have to stop and then do this.

As per recent updates, the next few Patch OTAs would carry fixes for navigation and dashboard restarting. As and when the team fixes these bugs, they’ll get pushed into OTA updates.


Actually, this doesn’t work for me. I mean, I’ve tried it multiple times. I don’t mind if it’s annoying (for now atleast) . It’s better than having to whip out my phone every 5 minutes to check where to go. :laughing:

Yes, it’s the same person, you can find the post related to that below, it’s a wonderful review.


Faced similar situation recently, instead of showing direction for next left it was showing direction for next right which was 6.6 km away, whereas google maps on my mobile was showing the correct direction.

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Also, the arrow showing the direction the vehicle is facing randomly turns on and off. Is it the same for you?

No i haven’t faced that till now.

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Same thing here, its a problem, the map on the scooter should always face the direction of front and not the rear, Team Ather u still need to do something for the compass fitted on the ather, it think its doing the wrong thing and confusing everbody, dont let such small problem be waxed into a issue when other brands r tyring hard. Pls recall the scooters and do a fix its very difficult tried everthing , no use using IOS phone, dont tell me i have to but a android to set this map.