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Meanwhile OLA users with Disco Mode: retro-retro-disco


So, the longer and wider rear fender does not hinder with regulations while it silently increases the length of the scooter… Interesting.


Thank you for clarifying all the doubts. All the Indian government REGULATIONS are for Ather only and OLA is following some other country’s rules that’s why they are giving everything to their existing customers while we who bought Ather at a premium are feeling like idiots. No backward compatibility of the features which are actually useful and which they advertise in their launch event of gen3.1. And please don’t bother about backward compatibility of ESS feature, nobody wanted that feature anyway. And like you said mostly we drive in city conditions only, so ESS will not make any significant difference. Itna features dene ki icha hi h toh cruise control jese features provide kr dete. Once again thank you for making me feel like an idiot who bought your scooter thinking cruise control and advance regen bs launch hone wala h in few months. And one think is very clear from most of us owners who bought your gen3.1 in the last few months that we will or at least i will not buy a Ather again in future.


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feeling your pain :frowning: Should I really buy an Ather now :frowning:


Yes right I will also not buy Ather in Future and i won’t recommend anyone


At the current pricing and the trend they are following with their software support to existing models, definitely don’t buy Ather. Not even that 450s model. I will not recommend it. I bought it just because they teased the advance regen, crawl mode and cruise control features, but they didn’t kept their promise and they blame the government regulations. See the main problem is these features are already there in the market like OLA, Vida v1 pro etc, and Ola is providing all the new features to its existing customers also. Now on the other hand Ather still doesn’t have these features and they are openly saying that even if they launch these features in future they will not provide it to their existing scooters even if the scooters have the hardware to run these features. See the January event of Ather on YouTube in which @tarun said that the new Gen3.1 have the hardware capabilities and it will get these new features in upcoming months but they changed their mind now.


This thing should be available publicly so that other must get to know.


I and some other gen3/3.1 owners posted about these things on Twitter. But i think Ather doesn’t care. All i can do now is always buy things on the basis of what the product already have and not on the promises of future updates. And let people know about what happened with the buyers who bought Ather in the last 7 months thinking they will get the promised features soon.


I bought my scooter in last week of May and the part which made me more angry on Ather is in just just only jussssst 2.5 months my scooter has become obsolete for Ather and they will not give any significant ride features to its anymore. And they launched it in January 2023 only, means only 7 month of life cycle in terms of big/significant features software update.They should give a chance to all the existing gen3.1 owners to leave pro pack and get a refund of that amount because anyway no big features will be coming to gen3.1 now and i can live without the Google maps and autohold.


Best part is that in 8 months they will come with Gen 5 & cruise control then people using current gen 4 will be crying in the corner so it’s better not to recommend Ather to your friends & family also it’s necessary to create a public awareness about how brands go back on their own words. You are paying 1,89,000 for a vehicle that’s obsolete in a few months.


Silently it gives them extra 300rs as accessories which everyone will buy. As long as money is coming they will give you everything. Existing customers won’t give them profit hence you are given random reasons when new features are rolled out.


A Pathetic excuse to say regulations won’t allow us to backport features to older compatible vehicles just because they can’t make any money. They deliberately keep all these features to differentiate the same 7-year-old scooter with gen1,gen2,gen3,gen3.1 now gen 3. xxx to sell. Why all these regulations are enforced only for Ather only no other companies. Tata and Ola have found out way to roll out. Won’t the same rules apply to them also?


I always knew and have been saying Cruise Control will never make it to Gen 2 peeps…#condolencestogen2ownerslikeme


Add gen 3 and 3.1 too.


Definitely, I’m not suggesting to anyone to buy an Ather scooter.


And gen 4 too as they announced new 450x is also not gonna get it

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