Air stations at ather grids

Would like to have automated air filling stations at ather grids. Would be helpful in maintaining the tyre pressure which would increase efficiency of vehicle.


This is not really feasible from a cost or space point of view, filling air hardly takes a couple of minutes. I keep this portable air compressor in my boot to quickly top up when needed, highly recommend this for anyone.


But where’s the socket provided in Ather for using a Air Compressor or for that matter charging a phone ?

This is a rechargeable air compressor, which kinda works like a power bank, except that it fills air without the need for a socket. Its fully independent.

There are more petrol bunks with air stations than there are Ather a grid chargers today.

It’s easier to fill air than find a fast charger :slight_smile:

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There are a few Bharath Petroleum Petrol Bunks that provide free nitrogen. Advaith Petrol Bunk at 16th Main Road BTM layout, Bengaluru provides this service.

Carrying a portable charger might be an option. Why would i go to a petrol bunk to fill air :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. Its like going to kfc and eating a veg rice bowl.

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To go there and laugh at that sign which reads “Petrol ₹91/L””


Using this for 2 months now, very useful and handy

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