After Sales price of Ather Dot and Portable Charger

@abhishek.balaji please help with current pricing for the below scenarios.

Scenario 1: A customer from out of service area takes portable charger at the time of 450x delivery. After few days they would want to have Ather Dot Setup at his place. What would be the cost of Ather Dot to purchase it as additional accessory?

Scenario 2: A customer from within service area takes Ather Dot at the time of 450X Delivery. After few days they would be in need for portable charger. What would be the cost of Portable Charger as an accessory?

Scenario 3: A customer from out of service area needs both Ather Dot and Portable charger at the time of 450x delivery. What would be the additional cost at the time of full payment?


As per the information available, Both Dot and the portable charger (Dash) cost the same. The last price I know is from May 29 which is ₹8700+5% GST which comes up to ₹9135.

The vehicle price includes either of the two and if you want to buy both, you’ll have to pay an additional ₹9135. If you want to buy one later, you’ve to pay whatever is the price at that point of time

Service area or out of service area doesn’t really matter for the charger because installation is charged separately. Within service area, you have an option to get the Dot installed at ₹1800 + GST for <20mtr of cabling. Outside service area installation has to be taken care of by the owner.


Thank you for your response @hemanth.anand . Your intent to help with info as moderator is highly appreciated.

I wanted @abhishek.balaji get the latest official price for it from Ather or get that posted on Ather site or FAQ posts.

There have been changes in pricing on few stuff so wanted this to be cleared so that there shouldn’t be any surprises when the payment window opens.

Also, I used customer from service and non-service area to describe why would one want to opt either or both accessories at the time of delivery and not for pricing difference.


From what I know, athers website is going to be updated with all the new things together at once at the end of the month so I think we should wait for that.

Why is the Portable Charger almost 11K where as the portable charger earlier costed almost 6K. Also Ather DoT installation costed Rs. 500-800 + GST and now cost Rs 1800/- + GST


May be Ather need more money from us to build proper factory to full-fill their order - production ratio.

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What is the warranty for Portable charger that we purchased for Ather 450. I see mine is not working (yellow light not flowing when powered on) and Ather team is saying, they don’t fix it… STRANGE! Could someone help here.

I think charger costs around 5500 as i have purchased 450x recently and in that also it is mentioned that charger at 50 percent off in the price list

possible to share an image of the pricelist, please.

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Charger either DOT or APC costs around 20k including taxes. There is no Ather supplied pricelist of the spares, But @hemanth.anand has created one from user inputs.