Adjusting mirrors

Guys, the other day, sick of the mirrors like everyone here on the forum, i decided to re-watch the video tutorial, on how to adjust mirrors…

Have you guys tried adjusting it with both hands gently…the mirror is actually fixed like a ball and socket joint. So adjusting the mirrors at your height by :

Step 1 - adjusting the stalks lil higher

Step 2 - adjusting the mirror with both hands (just like a car’s IRVM/ inside mirror… adjusts in ANY ANGLE, except this one is REALLY hard to move 360 deg)

Step 3 - enjoy! I finally found the sweet spot but, I still depend slightly on the blind spot mirror.

I’ll create a video, incase the above steps are stupid to interpret :sweat_smile:


Would be great if you could! Even a rough sketch of how you finally ended up aligning the mirror would be helpful too :slight_smile:

180, 270, 360 - none of them are comfortable for me. I just stuck a blind spot mirror on the extreme ends of the mirrors and I has somewhat helped till date.


I never knew there was a video for this until I saw this post! Thanks a lot!!!

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Can someone please share the link to video tutorial for adjusting the rear view mirror? Thanks in advance! Edit - video link -


This is the official video from Ather. Just watched it some time back :joy:

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