About the Series 1 category

In January 2020, in the lead up to the unveil of Ather 450X, we ran a Pre-order-by-invite only program for which we received an overwhelming response from customers who booked the vehicle without knowing anything about its specs or price. These super enthusiasts deserved something exclusive, and as a tribute to them, we’ve designed Series 1, what we earlier called Collector’s Edition Ather 450X.

"Series 1 has been designed to celebrate the best-in-class performance of the Ather 450X - its power, torque, acceleration and it’s light hybrid aluminum frame chassis, by using premium color & finish, and a first for Indian roads, a vehicle with translucent panels.

Series 1 comes with a high-gloss metallic Black body colour to amp up the premiumness. The mirror sheen of this colour is made even more special by a mix of gold, silver and blue flecks in the paint, casting warm highlights and cool shadows along the panel contours.

It carries a single bold red stroke that travels across multiple surfaces of the front fairing, a red exposed frame, a red monoshock and sporty red decal on the wheel rim - design choices inspired by motorsports, the epitome of automotive performance.

Most importantly, it comes with translucent panels, a first in the auto industry in the country! Just as some of the world’s most iconic computers, gaming controllers have been developed with transparent casings to celebrate the hardware inside, the Ather 450X has translucent panels to celebrate the cast-Aluminium trellis frame."