Ability to upload audio or video in report issue section of the App

I have a noise issue with my scooter. Something which is clearly audible when coasting. I suspect it to be from a bearing. I reported this using he app. I have a video recording of this and seeing this video, the issue will be clear to anyone. But i found in the app that I can only add an image while reporting an issue. It would be wonderful if we can upload a video or audio while reporting an issue. I understand videos will consume lot of space. So, uploading with a limit on the duration or size can be there. With the kind of service setup that Ather has (especially in Bengaluru and Chennai) i think this is all the more imperative.

Reports go as emails to ather don’t they? So could just attach it onto an email and send it to ather ? Just wondering. Cuz the report replied to on email too.