Abhishek Joins Team Ather!

Hey Everyone!

We are excited to announce that Abhishek (@abhishek.balaji) has joined us to manage the Ather Community last month!

We were looking to get someone to dedicatedly lead the community, and who better to do that than an owner! Abhishek has been an active member on the forum, and he understands the owners community well.

He brings along, his experience from his prior role where he worked on building communities by bringing people in technology together. He was involved in identifying and working with folks in tech companies to share ideas and their work to benefit the community at large.

While all of us will be around on the forum, from now Abhishek will be leading the interactions!


Great news. Congratulations Abhishek and Ather team!

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Congrats @abhishek.balaji2 @abhishek.balaji!. So the owners community has successfully infiltrated the inner circle of Ather!


Fantastic! Congratulations @abhishek.balaji. Now we shall be seeing your views from Ather team’s POV.

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Congratulations, wish you all the best with your new hat.


Congratulations @abhishek.balaji2.
Wish you all the very best in your new position. An owner in this role will be wonderful for the community in general.

So how should we tag you? @abhishek.balaji the owner and @abhishek.balaji2 the Ather staff? :grin:

On that note…a special thanks to @Shreyas for managing this along with other roles. I know you’ll still be around but wherever your next area of focus is…All the best for that. :+1:


Thanks folks!

Haha! I’ll be using only abhishek.balaji going forward, to avoid confusion.

Looking forward to making this community much more vibrant and involved in Ather’s roadmap :slight_smile:


Congo @abhishek.balaji… Deserving!

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One of the utmost or critical requirement of Team Ather is ‚Äėimprovement in communication‚Äô. Hope you will be able to help and bridge this gap.


Spot on. @Shreyas has been the name and face we’ve all been seeing from day 1, hope to still catch him during meets.

Bluntly speaking, this has to be an area of immense focus. Ather has a great product, but the lack of timely communication is sticking out like a sore thumb in the overall experience.


Congrats Abhishek :slight_smile: It was very good news to know…

When I read your post about Reimbursement and saw your badge as Ather Team, I thought that was a bug :wink:


Congratulations @abhishek.balaji
All the best for your future endevours…

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Congratulations @abhishek.balaji