A new metric and labs feature

TL; DR: kWh/km/kg @ given tyre pressure.

We know range depends on the below and only one thing can controlled during the ride…

  • Riding style
  • total weight
  • tire pressure
  • incline

So, every time we speak of efficiency, it is a wide spectrum and cannot be compared generally. Now that tpms is launching, I think it is possible to reduce the variables to just one: rider style.

It would be great if a labs widget or around so that when we compare efficiencies, it is all on the same page.


Once tpms is out, we can easily solve the tyre pressure problem, or take it as a variable in software while we compare our efficiencies. So,

[x] tire pressure

We usually compare our riding efficiency in the forum as well as other platforms. But when one says I get 120 km/charge, it can be because their physique is just 45 kg and cannot compare with another who has double the weight. I suggest that there should be an option in app to add rider weight as solo, with pillion and with luggage. These will mostly be constant since it is about one user carrying their work as well as a routine pillion rider. A custom input box can be added as well.

I also have a feeling that this can be derived pretty accurately using kWh, speed and values from the IMU sensor.


[x] total weight

Incline can be measured too, right? Or obtained from Google data? Moreover I think most places have a net 0° incline, but that statement can be contested.

[x] incline

Now it is possible to say pretty confidently “hey you are getting low range because of your riding style” or due to misaligned brakes, etc. and can be put for contest on “Community’s lowest” more fairly.

Do let know if your thoughts!

PS: Maybe kWh/km/70 kg standard average weight?

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