A fast charger to all the need in community

So, I did lose my mind when Ola launched a 3000W fast charger for their owners for personal use, but we have been requesting this for the past 5 years and Ather gave us nothing, not only that grids have completely become unreliable half the time they work and it’s like playing Russian roulette.

Nevertheless is there any hope that competition is killing it and giving users what they want, while Ather is just bragging?

here is the home fast charger from Ola



Bro Ather charges 20k for 750w charger. And Ola 36k for 3000w :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:

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Even Ather have Fast Portable Chargers in Service Centers

Thats Cost around 50k

Ultraviolette’s Boost Charger 40k

Maybe Ather give Each Community a Fast PC for Group Rides and Etc

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I have never seen this tho

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Yeah It is Exclusive for Service Center Use

I will try to Share the Picture

Look at left side of the Picture, Something hanging on Wall

That’s Fast Portable Charger

Now Ather limited to Charge Scooters till 71% :zap:

Okay, bhubaneswar sc doesn’t have it

With that tooo 8year warrenty Ik its bad for battery but idk what they are cooking up

Ather initially had chargers of 3000W from an OEM supplier called Exicom. They have now started to import the dot and the service centre chargers directly from China.

If they are doing this why can’t they start fast charger versions portable type? If they don’t they are making a way for the competition to win.

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Yeah It’s Optional to SC’s to Buy it bro

According to the Flow they buy it

Even Coimbatore SCs, One used it One don’t have it

50% of components are the same. The slightly bigger dimensions and 10000 rs worth of additional electronics. Is all needed. But wait if they do this who will use the grids. That’s why they are not interested and ola will keep killing them with market demands.

For real though a portable fast charger is also the needed. Nobody wants to go to the grid then alter the route accordingly when you can start it right from home.


Credits: Ather whatsapp group

Ola giving a 3000w charger at a price . While Ather cutting costs and provides 350w charger with all the models except HR.


E - scam can’t even compare with 3000 zamin asman ka farak hai

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Atleast is this shitiscule of a charger more portable than the normal portable charger? As in is it as small as the onboard days??

Nope. This charger is still big. And now non-waterproof unlike old APC.