A Customer delivered an Another Customer's Vehicle by Travelling 100 KMs incld. Ghats šŸ’š

Hey Guys Tomorrow 01-06-2022 , I am gonna make Entire Ather Community Proud and For That We have to Wait !!

Until You may guess What :green_heart:

Hey Guys its 01-06-2022 and One of Our Pre Booked Customer of 450x. Supposed to get this Ather delivered by Monday (30-05-2022)

But Due to RTO Issue , Delivery got delyaed by 1 day. i.e 31/05/2022

But He took Leave on Monday , Cant Take Leave.

So He discussed with me What to do , even we both know recently a month or something.

While taking he said 01/06-2022 is my Marriage Anniversary.

Then I have my Leave till Today , So I asked him Bro can i bring it to Your Place. First He thought to not disturb me by saying yes. But I said I have no Problem. If you are okay i can bring it to your Place.

His Place is Kotagiri (One of Western Ghat) from Showroom till Kotagiri. 60 KMs Plain and 40 KMs Hill Road.

We both are Ready for this and Today I have taken Delivery now completed 60% of the Ride.

I donno why i cant Upload Photo in this Post , I have Uploaded Everything on the Coimbatore Community Instagram Page.

I am giving Link , You can check the Story Section for the Entire Ride with English Voice Over :zap:

Instagram :

Iā€™m on Instagram as @ather_owners_coimbatore_tn. Install the app to follow my photos and videos. Instagram

Bye for Now :green_heart:


Another crazy trip upcoming?


No Bro :smiling_face_with_tear::sweat_smile: Just Simple thing only


You are going to buy one more Ather 450x. :wink:


Hahaha No Brother