80% Optimised Charging

Request to kindly bring back the 80% optimised charging feature back. For battery longevity I used to always charge my scooter upto 80% and the charging used to automatically cutoff. Also, 80% was enough for me. I hope in future updates this can be added as an option.

  1. Charge upto 80% only.
  2. Optimised charging upto 100% between 6pm to 5am.
  3. Turn off optimised charging and charge upto 100% instantly

I always need 80% optimised charging. Please bring back feature. If I want 100% I will toggle manually.


Why are any of the features, including optimised charging, not enabled for people who didn’t enroll for pro pack? I understand that maps, trip planner etc might need internet and server costs for Ather but why not give optimised charging or ride modes to non pro-pack users.


Because they want you to pay for pro-pack?

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Its good actually they disabled it, i have had hard time in office since there is no charging option in my society so i had to keep my vehicle 100 % charged and other vehicles are also in queue :pensive: Its frustrating to come check vehicle in evening and shoeing charged till 80 % only after keeping vehicle on charge in morning…


To cover the development cost. It’s way to nudge buyers to pay extra. If they give these features for free as standard no one will buy the pro pack.

It’s as simple as simple ICE scooter that you can buy, but if you pay extra you get smart/advance scooter.


Okay. I have pro pack but still 80% charging not possible. It is common for all. They thought itnis a feature. But we all need 80% limit charging


It can be enabled from the settings, it has a toggle option if you want to disable it temporarily when charging is started.