8 Years Battery Warranty by Ola

yeah, it will sell more I am guessing 60k/m by the end of the year.

Ola is going to face huge loss , seeing cases and complaints on twitter and other platform , no doubt how many batteries they are going to replace in that 8 yr , and there batteries being defect is more prone and widespread

No doubt it’s a great move by ola and new customers get a lot of assurance , but at what cost , their currently burning their investors money

But if that mannage to make it work no doubt it’s goona take off and even now simple one is making a come back…

Bro As soon as I see the New Warranty and TCs

Only Thing That came to my Mind is, Ola will sustain the 8 Years Period on Industry or Not :face_in_clouds::neutral_face:

Just Compare their Other Startups and How they left the Space w/o a Trace

They are not a Reliable Company, In my Personal Experience

If My Ather is 20% And I need to 15 KMs means I blindly Ride Mine

But Ola :smiling_face_with_tear::face_exhaling: a Bigggg Question :face_with_peeking_eye:

Agree if Ather continues to fall in sales numbers every month they will file for bankruptcy. I am not asking the company to reduce prices for their vehicle but to give features that other OEM’s are giving. Just saying you worked on battery for 5 years is not enough. Saying battery can withstand nails is also not enough. Give the customers warranty for 8 years on battery so that people start investing on the vehicle with a piece of mind.

Not being an Ather sheep but having an 8 year warranty with no after sales service means nothing.

Not to mention batteries were never the issue, its the MCU that often dies in an EV, followed by low quality drivetrains and associated components.


I don’t think this Possible and

8 Yrs Warranty is Possible But Not Practical

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What do you mean by not practical? Unlike regular ICE scooter you cant repair EV from a general mechanic or get required parts across india. Places like mumbai have lost Ather service centers. If you have 8 years warranty it will give a piece of mind to everyone. Also remember ola will now have a better resell value because of this one factor.

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We are still in EV early adoption stage. You can give lectures that battery wont die but it will take years to actually understand it. Better give the warrenty so that people are confident.


Noticing the behaviour of the CEO’s of both the companies tells us which company is more confident and who’ll survive in the long run.


Its just that you dont want to think that way. Its completely possible that this might happen. Tomorrow if activa comes out with an ev there will be a massive adoption rate for that vehicle too. Everyone knows activa and people would want to buy it. Ather had a first movers benifit if they cant utilize it properly then its their fault. Ola on the other hand will file IPO and become more rich eventually to sustain their company.

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Honestly, This seems like a knee jerk reaction to the Electric Activa and Rizta. Both are expected to cater to the biggest 2w market in the world - the Indian Middle Class and the aspirational lower middle class.

Ola has yet to move out of its AppScooter platform, same as how Ather has managed to squeeze out 6 generations of scooters from the OG 450 platform. But, with Rizta confirmed for a Summer 2024 launch, Bhavish being Bhavish, could not be seen as the laggard in the industry.

But then I could be completely blind to Bhavish’s machinations and be wrong about this.


Go ask Customers in mumbai if they are happy with Service Centers in mumbai. They will say its on par with Ola. Infact for me In kerala i had to take an appointment 1 month in advance for 5000km service. Even after this they kept the vehicle in sc for 3 days.

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Atleast you have sc or showroom to go, here in Lucknow the only showroom/Service Centre was closed in october and new one is under construction with no knowledge when it will be operational :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:


Bhavish is Elon Musk on steroids.

Elon at least fulfills his promises with time, the latter is a joke.

Elon’s promises are fullfilled atleast after a delay of 1-2 years especially in case of Tesla.

Yeah I know , I have a Friend in Mumbai :+1: I agree to Your Point

Which City of KL? Is it Kochi?? SC

Every one thought even Elon was a joker. But eventually he got paid for his hardwork.

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Are you working in Ather company