50,000 KMs in 524 Days aka 1 Y 5 M 6 Days 💚

Only issue is service centre won’t let you keep the broken one.

If you are paying for the new one, they have to give you the old one.

They won’t. Try once lemme know.

Can you list out the problems you faced on your Ather from 0- 50000 km

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He won’t. His Ather is perfect…

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Troubles with Ather 450x: A Saga of Build Quality, Safety Concerns, and Customer Frustrations

I bought the Ather 450x with the Pro Pack at the end of April and received it the following month. Initially, there were handle wobbling issues, which I dismissed, thinking it might take time to adjust. However, the fast charger that came with the scooter stopped working after a few days. Additionally, the rear wheel felt punctured. I visited the service center in Bellandur, where they fixed the charger but claimed the rest was fine.

During rainy weather, the scooter slipped due to the poor tires Ather provides, resulting in scratches. When I claimed insurance, I received only 50% of the claimed amount. Despite replacing parts and servicing, the handle issue persisted. Ather’s build quality is so poor that the scooter fell from a stationary position, causing serious wobbling. The fit and finish are subpar, with the rear mudguard making noise while riding, and the front hood having noise issues.

The handle problem is particularly dangerous. Each time I sought help from the service center or called Ather support, they demanded significant amounts, attributing issues to a bent fork or handle. Even the Ather scratch guard, meant to protect against scratches, is of very poor quality and peels off on its own.

When I purchased the vehicle, I expected the extra cost compared to a petrol scooter to be recovered in a year. However, considering the scooter’s consumption, I would not recommend Ather. I am contemplating selling this piece of plastic, as taking it to the service center and paying high amounts for minor problems has become exhausting. The poor build quality and inferior fit and finish, especially the handle wobbling, pose serious safety risks. This is my final attempt seeking help from Ather; I hope not to be disappointed this time.


Poor service experience: I’ve already invested a considerable amount in repairing my scooty, and now the service center is requesting additional payment for a minor notch washer replacement that should be covered under the vehicle warranty. These repeated small expenses add up, creating a significant burden for me in the end.


Is your wobbling issue fixed, as I started facing it around 9k kms, should get it fixed

Vehicle is Good till Date

75,050 KMs Current ODO

I am sorry I dont read Long Texts

Its OG Gen 2 No Wobbling Issue :grinning::sparkles:


No where i said I am riding 200 KMs A Day

This is my Ride Habit


Tell me more About Your Ather’s Battery Health and Suddenly drop. At 50000 km

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At 57,400 KMs I changed it Under Warranty


How to recognize that battery health is deteriorating. Plz explain it in detail

Display will show you Actual True Range on 100%

But Your Vehicle will run very minimum compared with Your Vehicle True Range

Also You will see Unwanted Power Losses in Power Throttles

Overall True Range will be Lesser than The Claimed One :grinning:

Also We cant Check Battery Health, We need to Ask Ather Service Center for Checking Battery Health :green_heart::hugs:


How much time they take for battery Replacement , And they install a new battery pack or repair this pack??

Usually It takes 30-40 Days

They tested mine and No way possible to Rework So They Replaced Mine

Case to Case It will be Different

So Donot conclude Mine :raised_hands:


There are some parts that can be purchased outside.

  • Front Brake Pads: Pulsar 200 NS / Dominar
  • Rear Disk Pads: Hero Glamour
  • Handlebar Grips: TVS Jupiter
  • Belts: Any industrial belt shop in your town
  • Tyres: Any tyre shop
  • Wheel Bearings: Any bearing shop
  • Duplicate Keys: Use a Suzuki Access blank and get it cut fro any key maker
  • Brake Disks: Definitely shared with some other bike but need to check
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Don’t type things which are not verified. I know you are helping few but belt and all are so important which might cause something unexpected when riding.