450X timelines for your city!

Hii… In Hubballi Test drive is started at Bellad Ather Bhairidevarkoppa,

What about Delhi NCR???

So what’s the timeline for Nagpur.

Scheduled for April-June.

How did you confirm that.

It was announced on December 7. I saw it on social media channels of Ather. Also linking the forum announcement by Abhishek for your reference.

I hope Mangalore is added next… saw a 450 today… in Mangalore near lalbag… cheers to the rider


So they go by the Financial Year.

Yes. Q1FY2021 is what has been told for these cities.

As per the reports it will be end of Q1 for sure

Let’s see. Hoping for the best. :crossed_fingers:t2:

I am really eager to purchase an ather but the launch is taking forever.Can you tell when it will happen in delhi?And no I am not asking about test rides.

When Ather will reach our Bhubaneswar? W are really waiting for this to happened in Bhubaneswar.

Bhubaneshwar is on the list for April-June.

When Ather will be available in nagpur city as its a big market and still no dealer from Ather till date.

Don’t worry dude how late it enters the city that better. You will get to know all the issues and maybe some fixes for few of them ( a ray of hope). Don’t be too excited or be in a hurry to buy one. Mean while better read all the issues and some solutions and work arounds for them by fellow users in the forum. Understand what you shall get and what you are ready for.

Don’t just rely on advertising and referral campaigns know it for your self as the amount payed is a lot.

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Nagpur is scheduled for April-June.

I don’t think I will buy it as soon as it launch In Nagpur I will wait for review’s.

When will we get Authorised Dealer in Nashik.

Nashik is scheduled for Q1 FY21 which would mean between Apr-Jun of this year.