450X timelines for your city!

Many thanks for your response. When you say lease, how does it work?

It is a kind of loan you can say. EMI and down payment stuff but from Autovert strategic partner of Ather. But the only difference is at the end of your lease period if we want to return the vehicle we get our deposit amount else leave the deposit and keep the vehicle. In second case it is exactly as loan.

Request you to check ather showroom directly.

Loan and lease are slightly different. A lease is a great option if you’re unsure of where you’d be staying in the next 2-3 years, and don’t want the hassle of transporting/selling your scooter when you move cities. It’s a good option for those who’re unsure of whether the scooter would fit their usage and want to try it out for a longer duration, as short as a year.

If you’re commitment-phobic, go for the lease option. It’s slightly more expensive than loan or upfront payment, but you get the flexibility of returning the scooter when you’re unsure of the usage.

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@abhishek.balaji Any update for Bhubaneswar? I even dropped a mail for the installation of Ather Grid. But there is no update. Seems like there is no development for Bhubaneswar market.

Still figuring things out on-ground, we had announced earlier that operations would start in a staggered manner starting Q1 FY21, so will share updates as things develop.


Goa is on the timeline, but, not much details have been shared. Panjim is locatio, but, no further details available, I did check calling the customer service and they said, they are not provided with much information around the same for them to pass on it to customers and individual i spoke to, is not even aware that new showroom will open in Panjim (Goa). I am still waiting for email from Ather asking me for test ride and complete the payment formalities. Currently counting the sheeps :slight_smile:

I’m also from the list of cities for April-June. We’ll get an update a month before I guess when the grid is set up, test rides are on and EC is set up.

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When it starts hubballi?

Hi Im Krishna From Rameswaram, Tamilnadu I Very Much Interested To Buy Ather 450 Plus… Can U Plz Share ur Entire Experience Till Today. If U Send Me Ur Contact Details Like Teleram Username Not Mobile number Im Very Much Happy To Chat With u in “TAMIL” And Get My ather soon… Plz Help Me… :+1: :pray: Vanakkam

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When you say April June, that makes it Q2 of 2021, as per earlier post, Goa (Panjim) was in Q1 of 2021… i am not sure what is the timelines, but, fingers cross. My Booking number is 58XXX so, its kinda long wait, considering new plant in Hosur will churn out 7k vehicles per month, that may mean, easily 5 - 7 more months of wait time on conservative estimates, i am not even considering finance formalities. i am not sure where the current wait list is stuck in pre-order, but, now its more of wait and watch scene.

Your Pre-order number is an All-India series!. 58xxx may not even be that far!

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I really hope Raghav… Fingers Cross and waiting for update from #ather to provide more information as its 1st week of 2nd month of 2021… :slight_smile:

According to the list, the cities are for Q1FY2021 which is April -June. Sure the wait is long but it may be worth. As Raghav said, Order ID is all India so all that matters is your order in your location. Hopefully Ather sticks to it’s timeline and we get our Ather in April-June. Hubbali was one of those and test rides have begun. So :crossed_fingers:t3:

Hi ji , My self Dinesh ELANGOVAN form Tamilnadu Kanchipuram. I am only one have our Scooter in my area . Every day , every own ride in public ask me our Ather 450 specification and how to punchers the vehicle. I am very interesting become dealership with you . In your website i am already applied my retail partnership request past 3 month before , but i am not gating any acknowledgement from your side.

Kindly tell me producer for dealership request .

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Please share the deliveries date in Delhi /Ncr

Hii… In Hubballi Test drive is started at Bellad Ather Bhairidevarkoppa,

What about Delhi NCR???

So what’s the timeline for Nagpur.