450X Surprise @ Chennai

Just a few weeks after I took the delivery of my Ather 450 and getting to know my Ather 450 more, I was super excited waiting when I would get a chance to ride the 450X!!! I had heard a lot about Ather 450X from people at Ather about it’s performance. My initial thoughts about the vehicle before I rode the Ather 450X - Does the Warp Mode really have that much power packed into it? The only way to find out was to ride an Ather 450X.

To my surprise, I wasnt able to handle my excitement when I went to the AtherSpace and found two 450Xs’ waiting to be driven🤩

A huge shout-out to @abhishek.balaji for providing that opportunity to test-ride the Ather 450X!! I can assure anyone about the way Warp Mode surprised me maneuver past the traffic. It got me goosebumps everywhere. The best part of the ride experience was the Ultimate Warp Mode!! The vehicle really felt a lot lighter than my Ather 450 as well😅 I am sure to find more Ather 450Xs’ on the road very soon✌🏻