450X General Service : Experiences and Reviews

Guys I hope many of you would have completed the 5000Km mark and got you 1st General Service done. Post your Experiences about the service of your 450X and the points to watch out for before and after the Service.


My 1 st General Service was done today @4747 kms. It was Ather quick all done in less than 24hrs from getting an pickup booked, to getting the vehicle serviced and delivered back home.


Ather service is not good because of I have called for periodic service, they are telling will call our service person. completed 6 days still they didn’t call me for my vehicle service!


Same with me… there seems to be a minor vibration of the frame at the back end, i guess screws came off… no concrete resolution to the matter…

The matter was escalated to the dealer then ather customer care, and still nothing has moved, is it normal😇


Is it only after 5000km , when I picked up my vehicle from the delivery point the ather staff mentioned 1st service should be at either 5000km or 6 months which ever is first. When I called the customer care he mentioned it’s 5000, 10000, 15000 coverage is when the service should be done. In that case I will be using my vehicles for over a year without service it kinda feel off but he agreed to book a service for me. Especially now that we are working from home and use the scooter lesser than usual, I don’t think we can reach that mark soon. The thing is I want the keep to the buy back clause available for me and the main condition is timely service. If we don’t reach the mark sooner due to less usage of vehicle what is the timeline for service.


To know my experience with regard to service. Please watch this video on my youtube channel @tarun #ather-450x


Yes I totally agree. Once I booked a service call and the appointment to pick up the bike was given only after 8 days, as I was told that there are huge number of services calls to be attended and the available slot is only after 10 days to come and pick up the bike.

Secondly. Non of the issues which required service was adressed.

  1. Tyre leakage as the tyre was not fixed properly and air liking near the rim and tyre joint This was Adressed

  2. Tyre rim paint just coroding and pealing off. Not adressed.

  3. Bike making some rubbing noise while on the move. The issue was adressed but immidatly after using the bike for 3 to 4 days the noise reappeared.

  4. Battery loosing power. As I parked the bike in my office at 8 am in the morning and say there are 10 kms left of charge or drive, by the time I pick the bike to return back home there is approx 0 kms left in the evening by 6pm.

The company told me that they address it but it’s still the same.

I would advice a no for this brand.


Well tbh, I am kinda avoiding visiting the service centre. Firstly, its too far and secondly, my first visit was disappointing.

  • they didn’t have shampoo or whatever to wash the bike
  • they didn’t have anything for polish
  • the brakes still had dirt all over
  • the bike still kept making weird noise after the wash (like always) & they kept giving “gyan”
  • they didn’t have:
    1. charging port cover 2) key cover

All this even when I had called them 2 weeks before I actually showed up. Long way to go Ather. For now, I am happy without visiting unless I face some major issues.


Hello Everyone

I am sharing my experience of the 1st Service of my Ather 450x. Below is the link


Finally got the charger flap & key cover replaced today at the Service Centre in Khar, Bombay. And it was for FREE…! Loved it. I was expecting 1000-1200 but it was some 300 odd but I didn’t have to pay. Used that money to enjoy a meal at KFC… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart:


What happened to your charger flap ?


It became loose and almost came off. The key cover fell off one day.


My S1 crossed 5k last week and I called customer support for service call. I was told the scooter will be picked in a week’s time but it didn’t happened. If its gets further delayed, will it have any affect if I opt for the Assured Buy Back? @abhishek.balaji @tarun

I have read T&C and timely service is mentioned as must. My odo touched 5.4k yesterday 💁🏻


Hi sir, which model are you using 450 or 450x? how many years old Ather sir?


Got a call from Ather Indore they would like to do some checks that would take around 15-20 minutes and could be done at any location where I and the scooter are. Earlier I thought they’re bringing the translucent panels and this is the reason they’re giving for keeping it a surprise. It wasn’t the case. :rofl: The person came and did all the required checks. I asked what is the reason behind this because I didn’t raise any request too, and he told me since most of the owners are new into EV space and also due to rain if the belt is causing any weird sound or the scooter is shaking, they are checking every scooter. He checked the scooter thoroughly and no major issues were found except for a minor shake. He told me it’s fine now but should get belt adjustment done often. I told him that will get it done when I come for HSRP. They also gave a form if all is correct, any comments for the team/any issues that hasn’t been addressed by CS/them( quite a lot :joy:) It’s a great initiative by Ather Indore. Kudos to them. :100::zap::sunglasses:


Highly disappointed with service process. The people who arrive to fix service are good and explain everything in detail. But booking a service and getting hold of someone to explain the problems in the vehicle is quite hard. I had to wait hours for someone to pick a call and book an appointment. The horn doesnt work properly and the battery is draining. I was even ready to visit their service centre on my own, but even thats not possible. They dont even have an email address to raise a request. The app doesnt work as usual. Moreover, Even though I got 1st service done at 5000km, the portal has Missed status. My frustration is not against anyone who comes to my house for service, but against the terrible process set by ather.


info@atherenergy.com this is the emailid. You can raise a ticket. But yes yet times it is so frustrating process and reaching CS via call itself is a task. So better we write an email so that we also have a proof to show that we reached them.


I’m still waiting for my 5k service. Current odo - 5.5k kms

Edit: It was finally done at 5.7k and also got the translucent panels installed on my S1.


Called the customer care number like 4 days back and was told someone will call me in 24 hrs to take my 450x S1 for service. Not gotten any call yet. What’s the use of providing me the service pro package if a general service call back also cannot be arranged.


I had given my scooter (KL02 BN 9277) for accident repair on the 18th of October. The dealer in Kochi had to replace the stem, and they have placed an order for it. As of today, the factory has not yet dispatched the part to the dealer. What is going on?? How do you plan to serve your customers with such inordinate delays?