333 Kms in 13 Hrs - road trip from coimbatore to salem - Gen 2 450X

HI all, this is my 3rd long road trip. Initial it was planned for a 500+ kms road trip from coimbatore,TN to kannur,KL within a 24hrs of time with @arun.ar.1541 . This is the 3rd instance, where it has been planned and dropped. I dont know something is not allowing to complete the trip. But im sure one day we complete this ride succesfully.

So, the plan was changed to coimbatore,TN to Salem,TN which is close to 165kms one way.

Started from Home at 04-03-2023/05:00am with flight charged overnight for 100%. i dint take portable charger as i want to do it with Ather grids alone.

Dashboard at home

Next Stop : Rythm collection, Avinashi - 43kms away

 With morning time, very light traffic makes me smooth ride with sport mode. Reached the grid by 6:00am with 48% SOC. 

Since, the next charging grid is only 30Kms, i took a solitary charging for 10 mins. 48% to 66% in 10 mins of time and continued my trip.

Next Stop : 3 circle refreshment, Vijayamangalam - 30 kms away

     Reached the grid by 6:55 with 31% SOC

Then waited for @arun.ar.1541 arrival. Charged there till 80% and left the place by 8:00AM.

Next Stop* : 99 Miles coffee, sankagiri - 60 kms away

Ride Stat : 4 (Missed taking screenshot of 1st 3 ride)

On the after 40 kms stopped for a 10 mins break at Hotel VAHINI grand and continued.

Reached 99 miles coffee by 9:00AM and headed for light breadfast in Saravana bhavan, sangakiri and continued ride by 10.00am

Next Stop* : Ather EC Salem - 30 kms away

Ride Stat : 5

On the way charged at 99 miles, Veerapandi for 5 mins and continued.

Ride Stat : 6

Reached salem EC by 11:30AM. With only one grid available, waited for the test vehicle to charge and i started to charge by 12:00pm. Charged for half an hour and started our return ride by 12:30pm Ride Stat : 7

Next Stop* : Saravana bhavan, Sankagiri - 30 kms away

Then we decided to go through Erode by visitng Erode EC also.

Next Stop* : Ather Space EC - 36 kms away Started by 1:00pm and reached Ather space, erode by 2:00pm and had charge for both us and flight. Then we started our ride by 4:00pm since we had to charge both the vehicle in 1 charge point and that too deep charge since the next point is 50kms

Next Stop* : Rythm collection, Avinashi - 50 kms away

;This is the last charge before the end of the ride. Charged till 6:00pm and reached home by

Thanks @arun.ar.1541 for giving company for my 1st 300+ bike road trip experience.


Hahaha , Don’t Worry Bro - Soon We are gonna Make Our Dream Ride :cold_face::point_up:

24 Hrs - 500 KMs a Day Ride to Kannur And Back :white_check_mark:

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This is already done by @shaikhtausif0707 in Mumbai, but all the best!

Hey Bro , I know Tausif Personally :grinning:

Yeah He did it Months Back !!

We are Planning to do with 2 Vehicles , That too Long Ride

One Way 300 KMs :sparkles:

Bit Different , Thanks for the Appreciation Brother :green_heart:


Sabarish bro

When will we finish this Ride :confounded:

Hopefully lets accomplish the mission by the end of this year… note : when v planned the grid was upto kannur but nw it has grown till Kasaragod…:joy:

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Bro We are Trolling Ourslef :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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