2021 in numbers!

How did all you Ather owners ride in 2021? Here’s the story in numbers!

All of you together clocked 85.03 million kms across India! That’s an incredible 1600% increase from 2019

Ather EV owners collectively saved ₹14Cr by riding Ather scooters instead of petrol counter parts, and saved an incredible 1.98 million kg of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. That deserves a pat on the back!

While Bengaluru and Chennai led the cities in clocking kms, next year might be entirely different :thinking:

Ather owners in smaller cities are actually much more than Bengaluru and Chennai, with folks in Panaji clocking an incredible 40.5 avg kms covered per day by an Ather Owner.

Any predictions on how this year would look like?

  • 85 Million Kms !!! That’s huge.

  • Smaller cities clocking higher average ride is not surprising for me.

For example, In my home town near Coimbatore, I have seen so many people travelling in two wheelers to college, office, business etc… for 40-60 km. Main advantage is low traffic which makes it possible.


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And 90%of the electricity which charges the scooter is produced by coal!

Actually it doesn’t make a difference as to what mode the scooter is ridden in. It depends on totally on the throttle input. I leave mine in warp mode all the time and I get between 7&8 kms per 10%. The only time I accelerate fast is when I need to catch a green traffic light.


Depends on the state. 40% of Karanataka’s energy is from renewables last I checked.

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Even if it is not from renewables, actually we have to be happy on the zero smoke emissions.

When hearing this, I am reminded of our apartment garbage seggregation. How much ever effort we take to make ppl seggregate, people will have some nice theories (aka excuses) just to avoid the effort of seggregation.

One of them: Finally BBMP garbage guy is dumping everything somewhere. They don’t seggregate. What is use of we doing it?

I used to say minimum benefits like below (they don’t got convinced though :smiley: )

  • The collection boy spends less efforts if we seggregate.
  • He can travel with our garbage with little better hygiene.
  • Even when dumped somewhere, it is easy for ragpickers to collect the dry waste and make some money. Otherwise, they explore the entire garbage to find some plastic / carton waste.

Yes agree I have seen a lot of wind turbines when driving through.

Just shifting the carbon output.