2 week usage review/ownership experience

It has been 2 weeks since I took delivery of the Ather 450x (Mumbai) and I had been wanting to write a review of it since the day I got my hands on the 450x but online exams held me back. Finally, I was done with my online exams and went ahead.

I have already posted my review on Medium: Ather 450x Review

One of the biggest reasons, I wrote this review is because I was tired of being interviewed by each and everyone (right from friends and family to the people stopping at signals). Now whenever someone asks me about the Ather 450x I’ll be sharing the link of my review with them. Haha, but on a serious note, kudos to the Ather Team, you guys have built a really great product which shows the true potential of India.

Hope you all like my review/short-term ownership experience. Many more to come.