1st Ather 450X Registered in Mysuru

Hi everyone. I want to share you my Ather 450X purchase experience. I’m from Mysuru and I was waiting for ather to come to Mysuru from a very long time. But I ran out of patience and booked one on Feb 15th 2021 and while booking mentioned the location as Bangalore because if I mention it as Mysuru, my payment process would open until there is a Experience centre in Mysore, which was mentioned as expecting in 2-3 months. So I residing in Mysuru booked it with one of my Bangalore address and after a week of booking the payment portal opened for me. I immediately completed the payment process and it was time for me to wait till my Ather 450X was ready for delivery. I opted for temporary registration as I wanted to be permanently register it in Mysore KA09 RTO and be the first one to do so in the City. Then after the payment process almost after 4-5 days later my Ather was Temporary Registered and ready for delivery. I got a call from ather for confirming me about the Delivery Schedule. Then I chose a appropriate day to pick it up. I hired a Good Auto (Tata Ace) from Mysore and took it along to take my delivery. The delivery takes place in IBC Knowledge Park at their Head office. So went there from Mysuru, completed all the formalities / paperwork and took the delivery. (One of the happiest moments of my life TBH). Then loaded it safely on the Goods auto which I had Hired from Mysuru and took it Mysuru immediately. After getting it to Mysuru the very next day took it to get it Registered at Mysuru West RTO KA09 and completed all the formalities and as there was 100% Road Tax Exemption for EVs in Karnataka I was just asked to pay for registration fees and some other charges. Finally got it permanently Registered in Mysuru. The first Ather 450X to be Registered in Mysuru. Thrilled and excited to experience the EV life with my Ather 450X


Enjoy the Happy feelings …:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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