139.4 KMs on a Single Charge Ride on my Ather 450x Gen 2

24 ‎April ‎2023, ‏‎13:17:39 :slight_smile: I started my Gen2 450x Range Test Ride with my Previous Knowledge of : 176.2 KMs on a Single - did that on Feb 2023 : But It didnt start as per the Plan. Planned to start by 10 AM But Started by 1:15 PM

Vehicle Status :zap:

ODO KMs : 57,750 KMs Apprx.

Front Tyre Age : 28,000 KMs Apprx. - Michelin Pilot Street 2

Rear Tyre Age : 7,500 KMs Apprx. - TVS Eurogrip 100/80-12 Remora

Ather Space Coimbatore - II (AKA Mettupalayam Road)

Arranged Refreshments for me before I start the Ride :slightly_smiling_face:

I clearly Mentioned During the Rides, I don’t take Heavy Foods Still They Bought Milk Coffee and Sandwich :green_heart: Delighted by their Hospitality

Okay, Coming to the Real Topic :fire:

I started the Ride from Ather Space MTP Road by 01:15 PM, With 100% SoC and Current Trip of 0 KMs

For 6%, I rode 10 KMs :zap:

For 10%, I rode 15 KMs :zap:

For 14%, I completed 25 KMs :zap:

For 25%, I completed 46 KMs⚡

For 27%, I completed 50 KMs :zap: This is my First Mile Stone of the Test

For 46%, I completed 75 KMs :zap:

For 50%, I completed 80 KMs :zap:

For 65%, I completed 100 KMs :zap: This is my Second Mile Stone of the Test

For 75%, I completed 111 KMs⚡

For 86%, I completed 125 KMs :zap:

For 90%, I completed 129.7 KMs :zap:

After Riding 129.7 KMs, I reached Ather Space Thrissur. But I wanted to Finished the SoC till 1%

And Started Roaming around the Ather Space Thrissur :zap:

For 95%, I completed 135 KMs :zap:

For 99%, I completed 138.4 KMs on a Single Charge and Reached Ather Space Thrissur aka Autostarke Energy :green_heart:

138.4 KMs on Current Ride + 1 KMs on Predicted Range = I completed 139.4 KMs on a Single Charge :white_check_mark:

This is not the First Time, I am visiting Ather Space Thrissur. We have Good Relationship with Autostarke Energy. Mr. Adheethan (General Manager of Ather Space Thrissur), I called him, Said I am doing this and The Management Spoke with Security - Opened the Experience Center, Kept AC On for me to Rest. Thats Really Unexpected and Surprise after Riding 8 Hr and Mins :zap:

I took nice rest till the Vehicle Charge to 80% and Left the Ather Space Thrissur to Lalys Hypermarket for Topping Up to 80% So I can reach Ather Space Palghat :white_check_mark:

Topped Up to 80%

Reached Palghat EC with 1% and Called Service Manager for Speaking with Security (I donno Malayalam) anddd Here also SM asked Security to Open EC for me to Wait

And I slept, Woke up by 6 AM - Left by 6:15 AM to A2B Ather Grid in Navakarai, Coimbatore :zap:

I reached A2B Navakarai Ather Grid by 7 AM with 51% SoC left after 30 KMs of Good Riding :zap:

Around 7:25 AM, My Vehicle got charged to 80% Then I decided to Reach, Rhythm Collection Ather Grid - Avinashi Tirupur

Which is 60+ KMs away from here, Decided Not to Top Up In between :handshake:

Reached Avinashi Ather Grid by 09:20 AM and Charged there for a while Then Left to Home (16 KMs Away) :white_check_mark:

(This Image taken on 05/01/2024 - Added here to Fill the Space)

That’s all for this Testing Datas :sparkles:

After this Ride, from the Date of this Ride in Next 2-3 Days My Ather Forum Mail ID got Swapped :sweat:

And Due to Technical Error I wasn’t able to Access it

Got it Back by January 2nd 2024 Morning Only :hugs:

So I am Writing it Now :zap:

Keep Warping :green_heart:


Hats off to your courageous ride.

Thanks a lot Brother :white_check_mark: This I did last Year April and Uploading Now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did you ride on Smart Eco all along. How would it be using WARP mode.?

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I used ECO Mode for Better Throttle Control

By Using Warp Mode We cant get this much Range. Also I used 100/80-12 Tyre. Torque required will be higher than 90-90/12 Tyre


Hi @tarun

I got no recognition on Lord Maximus for Maximusing my Gen 139.4 KMs

Which is Top Range by Angy Gen 2 Exist

For ACDC 25 which are the Vehicle are Included in Ather Unlocked??

@moderators Please Don’t Delete or Remove this without my Knowledge

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