133.7 kms completed on a single charge with my 450X!

Hello guys…just wanted share my long ride experience. Long post ahead…watch out…

On 6th Feb around 5:45 am I started my ride hoping to get the most out of my Ather 450X. I previously knew the post of 139.4 kms by @HarshaVardhan on his 450 , so my goal was to achieve atleast 150 kms with my 450X :sweat_smile:

And so I started to crawl down the road by maintaining the speed at 20-25 kmph most of the times. I’m from Chennai and I live in KK Nagar. I had no idea on where I’m headed for the day, all I wanted was to go as far as I can and return back with few or no charge left.

So I planned my trip by getting out of the city early in the morning and hit the ECR before any traffic so that I could maintain the same speed on my full ride. And while returning I calculated my way till I hit zero by reaching the East Coat at Madras square for the fast charger. So that before I reach the city traffic I could complete my long ride :wink:

As time went I could easily feel my wrist getting strained by maintaining the same throttle position all the time. But I did not lose it and make all my efforts go vain.

Slowly I managed to reach Muttukadu,

then went further and reached Mahabalipuram and took my ather via the pondicherry higway. Easily one of the worst highways I would say… also a scary one too. The road is so small widthwise for a highway and that too me strolling down at 25kmph was a bad decision :confused:

Then by the time I reached the end of that worst highway, my battery was at 50% and odo at 73.2 kms.

That gave me confidence on hitting 150kms by the time I went zero. But the twist was yet to come. I then went further ahead and managed to reach Kalpakkam and planned to return back to the fast charger.

At that time I had about 57 kms to cover and as per calculations (calculation made with regards to first 50% :sweat_smile:) I had 59 kms left on the ride. So I thought I could reach there and stroll my way around the area till I hit zero.

But the actual results were shocking, I could easily feel my bike getting discharged quite faster than the first 50%. By the time I hit 100kms I had only 29% left and I needed to cover 40kms in it.


So I took it even slower and somehow managed to reach VGP Kingdom. Then after I passed Prarthana my ride was dead. But eventhough it showed zero I was able to ride it even further say about less than a km before it finally had its last breath.

So now I’m at a place about 2 kms away from my destination. Thought of pushing it down the road but waited for someone to help me tow it. But no luck, no one cared to stop. Then I started pushing it down and some guy out of nowhere came for help and towed my bike near to the fast charger.

Forgot to take a snap at the fast charger :man_facepalming:t2:

Then, yeah had a milkshake at the restaurant while my ride could fill his appetite. After charging 25 kms I decided to take it home to fill the rest.

Yep, that’s it… that was my full ride experience in a nutshell :joy: If you have stayed till the end till here u guys are really amazing. Thanks for reading my post. Have an awesome day! Bye…:wave:t2:


Well done… so whats the next milestone?

My ultimate plan was to hit 150 kms. But I guess achieving 133.7 is itself was an amazing one :innocent: I don’t think I would do another marathon like this… :sweat_smile:

You probably encountered an incline and start climbing. What tyre pressure did you maintain?

I dont think there was an incline, it was the same route I first started… But am not sure, since it was highway and the road being flat straight, maybe there could have been an incline :man_shrugging:t2:. The tyre pressure was full the day before I started the ride.

More of a reason though you could have been climbing some elevation. You can use this to plot the elevation and descent.

Not recommended by ather but if you go with a higher tyre pressure you’ll get much more range. Try it next time. It might give you 5-10 Km more


ECR is costal road. It’s almost flat. May be wind could have played a role while returning?

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Thanks for the suggestion man :+1:t2:

Not much of a windy day…especially while returning

Next time i hope you will beat 150+ kms. Starting pic current ride was zero. Next images you have shown trip A. Based on dashboard time its nearly 7 hrs ride. Have you taken any rest stops in between on a single charge or its a single ride stat. Body ache will disappear in a day or two :joy:

Hey Harsha, you were the reason this happened. Thanks for attempting that long trip with your 450. Yeah, took three breaks inbetween. All were at petrol bunks😅, did some stretches… hydrated… dehydrated and then back on track. That was one tiring day for sure. But still hoping to hit 150 kms someday :v:t2: After all day maintaining at below 25 kmph, the next day even eco mode felt like warp for me :joy: