110+ kms in a single Charge in Sports Mode

Date: 05/10/2023 Left my home at 12pm with 100% SOC

94kms ride done Solo till 10pm in the night and left with 30% charge

At 10:30pm left for station to pickup my friend and travelled 12kms and reached station with 20% charge left

After I picked my friend from station here comes Ride with pillion and to my surprise I saw 2% battery degrade in 40 minutes till I was inside the station ,

With pillion to my home it’s 12kms again but we need to buy food for dinner and was unsure of reaching home with that 18% with pillion so near station I topped up 6% charge and time taken was 12:05am to 12:10am , only 6% top up to be on safe side otherwise I knew I would have reached home with 18% but I have some bad experience earlier where below 15% battery drops is worst

We stopped at a hotel and then picked up the food and then left for our home

Last trip from hotel to home in ride Logs is missing and to be precise it’s 4.5kms

I achieved 110kms plus range on a single top-up That 6% top-up I won’t take under consideration because it was just to be on safe side if something goes wrong

Main Point to mention is : I drive only in sports mode and never use any other mode even if the battery is low as i smart eco enabled so even if I switch to eco , the range would be same as it learned my way of driving


Next only smart eco :skull::skull::skull:

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Loss of 2 % in about 40 minutes is sometimes which i observe on regular basis when the battery comes below certain level. After that level, every time I take a ride and park my vehicle it loses 2 % over short time. Assuming I’m taking 3 short rides in a day (when the battery is below certain level), vechicle loses 6 % very quick.

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This pattern is NOT observed above certain level of battery. In my case it happens when battery is between 45 and 25.

But when I’m riding in between this range, i don’t experience any range drop or so. The problem comes only when i park the scooter after a ride.

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@abhishek.balaji sharing my ride experience - #truerangechallengeaccepted

Bangalore to Mysore in a single charge (Gen 3.1 450X) Total Distance covered - 142.24KM Duration - 5 hrs 12 Minutes

YouTube Page for Full Video: Smilextreme

Total distance covered in a day:


What’s your weight? :cookie:

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Brother, can we exchange the bikes??

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