110.3km driven in single charge

Hi everyone…

     I have just covered up 110.3km in single charge in ECO Mode...well I have just purchased my 450 one month back... lik everyone I purchased the bike nd I was riding my ather 450 to and fro office and home... recently I received mail abt event in Mid September before Series 1 event (Collector's Edition)... In this particular Event they discussed abt particular topic abt 102.3km per Single Chargr... I was very curious nd want to knw how it happened... So I went with my curiosity to check myself... 

So one fine early morning I decided to test it… I have no plan or anythg to back me up to see my experience in 450 to cover 110.3km… I just went lik tat to see the end result with my own eyes… I just took my ather 450 nd started by 5 in mrng… it showed 100% charge and 75km as Range in ECO Mode… As soon as I crossed 500m… My range dropped to 74km… I was little worried to carry on but I insisted myself to go on… I was particular on few issues

  1. Not to discharge battery by heavy throttle
  2. Not to ride above 35km/hr Speed
  3. Should reach ARAI RANGE and to beat that 102.3 km range which discussed on event
  4. Not to heat up battery and give proper resting time for bike

Difficulties which I had to face in riding this current ride (110.3km)

  1. it took 306min which is 5hr 6min😉
  2. slippery seat nd made adjusting in sitting position each time cos I’m 6ft tall rider…

Things wch I enjoyed while riding (110.3km)

  1. Major one was tat distance wch i covered
  2. sound of the motor was same from start till end… Cos I was worried there might be some change in noise for continuous use of motor
  3. smooth ride
  4. suspension was soft

Thanks to Ather for this wonderful experience I had…

I would lik to ride many long ride and break this 110.3km range…

Thank u Ather


Awesome @hamsapriya1212. Please share route details and resting places as well, will be more useful for other owners who want to go on long rides.

5hr in single stretch!!!

Good. How u came back with 0,% charge

I was rounding my house Last 1% of battery to go zero…