10.1.7 (Speculations)

Hi all,

Let’s talk (speculate) about what would be Ather working on (quietly) for 10.1.7

Umm… I think:

  • anti theft
  • a few bug fixes related to network dropouts
  • may be a bit of smart charging (start stop charging via the app)

I feel they are going to unlock higher top speed with better acceleration (being highly over optimistic)…and a few bugs sprayed with mortein here and there in the software…


I think you are right about unlocking higher speed. They are surely working on something. Excited!!


Well, automatic light dark mode for the screen will be a welcome change.


Well well well,I believe the efficiency should be improved,with higher top speed and acceleration the outstanding range figure it travels already will reduce drastically :slightly_smiling_face:. I would like a more efficient ride that gives performance b/w eco and ride but efficiency better than the eco mode,I don’t how this is possible but it’s the need of the hour for many.


Few new bugs with new and improved features!


Auto Indicator turn off

After turning it’s should be off within 1-2 seconds. Now it has been turn off after taking 6-8 seconds.


Ather labs is a good initiative to atleast show some development is going on. Since the announcement of 450x I don’t think anything apart from Ather labs is newly added feature. They’re still delivering what was promised. And by the time it will be stable there will be tons of other options available.

I’m not criticising, just stating a fact that no unannounced “feature” has been added to show some promising and active software development.

Also Ather Lab features will be permanent or not that’s also unclear.

Maybe I’m being harsh here but I’m still not convinced from the software front :unamused:


Well trip planner looks exciting and will be quite useful. Imagine we know exactly how much to charge at a FC before we reach to the next stop or the destination. Will help people not to over charge at FC and avoid queues. This will eventually build into the culture i.e. to not to over charge and be a good EV user. For now, one has to plan and calculate a lill too much. With trip planner, we will have a peace of mind. :blush:


It is not known when they are planning for trip planner. Best option is to show your interest in the feature and as the number of interests increase the software team will look into this as a priority. These are not my words these are words of community manager. So I don’t see this coming in any near future.

So Ather labs is nothing more like a feature request topic put in main stream that is it.

But saying that I have not lost my HOPE soon or very soon they will look into this at priority. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Agree… surely not a priority. But hopefully this and smart charging gets on the other aide of the finish line some day soon. These are imo essential features for EVs. Rest are all good to have that comes with mostly bragging rights. :blush:

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How is 10.2 beta shaping up guys??

My experience is Not so good as 10.1.6.

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Not good. Hit and miss, mostly miss 80% of time.

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I am keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully they don’t mess up the good work on navigation in 10.1.6

It is messed up bigtime for me. Maps atleast is ok but bluetooth is back to its worst experience days.