MYTH: Electric vehicles are only for city use!


Got first charging point

seems Hindustan Petrol pump is lucky to allow my bike to charge again

cheers for the manager Raju


found next one

this one was hard

wasn’t so sure looking at the plug condition and building appears aged

so thought earthing wouldn’t be there

but didn’t want to miss… just in case as… there is only 6km range left

so took chance and tested lucky again


Hey… What is your wh usage during the trip??


You are crazy dude!. But seriously, this is amazing. I am in awe of your planning skills!


between 25 to 32 Wh/km


Bro Y dont u use backpack bags… Lots of verity @decathlon :v:t2:


almost stuck in Sakleshpur

has the luck run out

not yet… just there



this guy still open

gave him 3 option

press 1. for telugu
2. for hindi
3. for english

he choose 2

he said he will stay for some more time

next is destiny…


finally reached destination


start at home



Abhishek you are really awesome ! I never thought we can go these much distance in an electric scooter.


anyone been to kukke???



Nice… You kept font and audio in Telugu…



took all day long to figure out a way to charge

annoyed the lodging manager a little with a smile on face

finally agreed to allow

and charger did cooperate with me this time

appears they have seperate line for systems Vs rest of the building

now the concern is going back is steep hill

need to be careful with acceleration and mileage there by


some one landed before me

with Radar Equipment




time to take some rest while 450 is getting ready for next flight

i know…

it’s very hot

but should return to work tomorrow


last stop

next Bengaluru

may be I’ll stop at The Game Changer (Jack Fruit charger) for 10 min fast charge


arrived in Bengaluru

at JackFruit charger

I’ll be at home may be in next 20min


at home

time to refresh and back to work