How to get the 2500 rs refund

How to get the refund of 2500 rs paid for prebookinh the Ather 450X because of very expensive subscription plans


Write an email to support team.

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Call ather help line number they will assist you

Hi Shrijit…did u get the refund?

i contacted the support, they said Ather is planning for some other subscription plans… so im waiting until next week

True, really an expensive subscription plan

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This is even more suspense that GOT. :joy:

no email support… they have support line… i called them

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I completed online booking transaction ID: 31704 for Rs.2,500/- on 02-JAN-2021, booking ID: 63566 for the 450X and then realized that it was not possible to gather the balance amount and informed the CRN on phone and on email on 14-JAN-2021 giving my reason for cancellation. I was informed that the full refund will be given within 2 to 3 weeks. It is now over 4 weeks and no refund confirmation has arrived. Can you guys live up to your promise of refunding the online booking any time with no questions asked, or is this a false promise !!! Thanks, Sonny (Wilfred) Almeida

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Try contacting CS over email or phone.Also do not post your number here.

I am also not getting refund. I cancelled the booking on 9th January & emailed (crm.ather) about refund. But still got no refund till now. Contacted the customer care a few times & they say they will issue refund by next week but nothing till now. Will be contacting customer care again on this Saturday but it will great if someone from here helped me. Reason for cancellation is financial issue & i was thinking of buying the ather next year but customer service response is so far bad.

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No one here could actually help with it until Abishek escalates the issue. Forum is for discussionns. Contacting CS is the best option.

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Bit confused, when you booked your vehicle in Jan this year, your booking number is 63XXX and i booked in Dec 2020, my booking is in 68XXX. dont understand the logic. Place of delivery is Goa. So not sure how that is impacting, but, this logic of Booking number is confuscus for sure …

The number depends on where we are booking vehicle also.

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The Pre-order ID consists of orders across India, each city has a separate queue. You can get the info on delivery timelines once we start operations in a city.

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Sure, eagerly waiting for you to start operation in Goa. Hope as early pre-booked folks, we will get early notification via email as when the test ride will start in April 2021 in Goa?

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Yep, ofcourse


@abhishek.balaji, Though I had cancelled my booking 15 days back still amount us not credited yet. Can you please look into it on urgent basis.

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