Comparing Total Cost of ownership

Chetak and TVS are large players. They are even probably capable of giving out 100/1000 scooters for the first pre orders for free and not even take a scratch. My reading is Ather is not yet over the profit line. They tried to break even with the required ₹₹ with the new plans, that will give a sustained income.


Some of the arguments that have come up are completely valid. I’m not trying to justify the price increase from the existing 450.

If you think about it, the 450 was definitely a better VFM, heck, I’d in fact call it a steal at 1.13 lakhs. However, I did not compare it to the 450X because, both the product lines won’t exist in parallel. Once the 450X comes out, the 450 will be discontinued obviously.

I just put a way to look at pricing. I also agree that going electric should be cheaper overall compared to using ICE. But with the 450X, that point can be achieved only if you are riding over 800-1000km a month.

I am not trying to debate what Ather is doing or should be doing. What its vision was or what the “typical Indian consumer needs”, nor am I trying to tell them what will make them succeed. I’ll let them do what they do best. What I was trying to do was rationalising the cost of the options available at hand being a consumer.


Why? Why must ather obviously discontinue 450 after 450x release? Why can’t they have both? Many people will definitely want 450 over 450x as it’s pricing is lower, it is still a great product. It’s what made me love ather in the first place.


I guess, you’ll get that answer from Ather Team on Saturday in case you are tuning into the AMA or turning up for the event. :slight_smile:


There are way too many reasons for why they might be discontinuing the 450. They need to have more stock/consumables/spares for both the products. Pricing/Logistics can also be another factor.


I hear you, it makes sense… But I’m 100% sure the demand for 450 will be more than the demand for 450x. Ather can really make more sales with the 450. And also as a person who wants to see ev thrive in India… I feel 450 is more attractive to the masses than 450x. It’s really unfortunate that 450 has to be discontinued.

Glad to see this post from you. Coz, we all have huge respect for you. :slight_smile:

When I planned for Ather 450, it was an aspiration for what it looked like and what it did. Otherwise, I would have purchased a Hero Photon or Okinawa itself. In fact, Ather was the one made me to think about purchasing EV so soon.

But, I still did cost calculation because it was a big spend. For our usage, I can break-even after 5.5 years. It was an important factor for me. If a super scooter with all bells and whistles sells at 2 Lac, I can never break-even, then I might give it a skip until market price comes down.

Even when choosing Ather Subscription Plan, I calculated if it makes sense for me. If I am using the scooter, I might choose Ather Connect or Ather Service. If it is for my wife, even Ather Connect is an expense. :slight_smile:

Now, coming to 450x:

For outright purchase - it was priced around 20-25k above my expectation… I still think if it was priced to make applicable for subsidy, 450x would have been highly competitive and would have given same value as 450 or even more for the new buyers.

For Features - 10km less range than my expectation. Speed was not in my wish-list. 4G is good but 450 owners will get soon too. Bluetooth is good addition. Hardware upgrade for tablet is nice. However, 450x is short of my expectations for the price especially with the range and hype.

Coming to subscription - Paying 1,999 I will never break-even unless I use > 1000 kms / month. Battery replacement is something not every one wants or needs. On multiple occasions Tarun and many of you have given us confidence that not every one needs to replace the battery after 3-4-5 years.

In that case, One Size Fits All subscription is not useful. Just like Ather 450 subscriptions, this needs to be splitted and users can choose based on what works good for them. 1699 / 1999 won’t fit for many. Even for an all-inclusive subscription, it should have been 1499 max.

Ok, then easy to say Don’t buy 450x buy some cheap scooter on what is affordable for you… :slight_smile:

When I bought Ather 450, it made sense me to economically as well. So many people did calculation… That is why Multiple threads exists related to Cost of ownership. So, naturally I have to do the same calculation to 450x. Now, the value factor diminished significantly. I am obviously disappointed that many might skip 450x.

My wish:

  • Make the subscription affordable by 25%
  • More choice of subscription (like how you revised for Ather One)
  • Don’t force to get highest subscription just for Bluetooth.
  • Price it in a way to be eligible for Subsidy. Subsidy is here to stay for next 2 years.
  • Ensure the promises are kept and 450 is not obsolete. Otherwise, what 450 owners feel today will be same for 450x owners tomorrow.

Yeah slightly… But for a first product if it was priced above this, it would have been out of reach for many.

Luckily, GST cut and FAME 2 (over FAME 1), Insurance discount all reduced the on-road price by close to 15k within a span of 3 months… It made EVs much more affordable than ever.

That is why every manufacturer should try to ensure these subsidies are utilized, otherwise it is a big miss… Literally you are giving your customers such a huge discount without you actually giving it.

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Because they want more revenue from an old product wrapped in a new packaging material. Else, if they keep 450 and 450X both for sales upfront, obliviously a typical Indian consumer will definitely chose 450 over 450X considering the humongous price difference between these :man_shrugging:

In a nutshell, If they discontinue 450 immediately, new consumers will be forced to buy only 450X! Simple! :man_shrugging:

Buddy, it is the other way around. New product in old packaging. Better batteries, pmsm motor, and others. Also, they are focusing on streamlineing, like someone else told previously, “Ather is not an assembly line”, but much more.


The subscription makes it expensive for me. I live in suburbs and my daily commute is up to the bus stop. Wanted an electric so that I didn’t had to go to city just to fill up petrol. my current ice is 15 years old. I will probably wait for a vehicle that doesn’t have any subscriptions :wink:


We are all waiting on better schemes to be introduced.

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So what will be the total cost today if we include all the expenses viz. subscriptions, insurance, repair, service etc.?

Assuming I go for Ather 450X (Series 1) and a travel of around 600 kms per month.

And which is better:

  1. Lease
  2. EMI
  3. Paying the cost upfront
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First things first, you can’t buy the S1 now. so let’s take 450x in Bengaluru for calculation. Vehicle cost is ₹1,44,500 (after all subsidies). Let’s take ₹5,500 for first year insurance bringing the OTR price to ₹1,50,000. for 600kms a month, you’ll be spending a max of around ₹300 per month towards electricity depending on your slab. From the many possible subscription plan combinations, you’ll have anywhere between ₹0 to ₹1,800 (plus 18%GST) per quarter depending on what you choose. If you are paying ₹1,800 for the subscription (Connect Pro + Service Pro) or ₹1,100 just for service pro, you’ll not need to pay anything else for regular service. accidental repairs depends on case to case basis

Lease is good if you have bought or are planning to buy another EV and you have only one Aadhar card to claim subsidy. Lease is better if you are absolutely sure that you’ll not retain the vehicle at the end of the lease term. Loan is the only option if you want to retain the vehicle for longer term but don’t have cash in hand. Upfront payment is always better if you can pay it and wish to keep it for more than 3 years

So, as you see, the running cost will vary depending on your usage and choice of subscription. the purchase option also will suit different people differently. Choose what suits you best


I am a new owner of Series - 1… and all what has been said by Mr. Hemanth makes sense.