Charging from After-Market Fast Charger

oh, wow, does anyone have any pics, really wanted to see how they look, all this time I was thinking they are some Transformers and diodes in those boxes, I have seen them inside the Distribution box, but never had the luck to see inside the POD of Grid


Can anyone share me the DOt connector Pin wiring diagram. My dot connector was damaged as somebody notoriouly pulled it while charging. I have opened it and three top wires which are for control, communion etc are pulled out. I don’t understand which wire goes where… Please help

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Share your current status of wires with connector, a bunch of them to see accurately

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Yellow, gray and green wires have come out of the connector

It it very hard to repair this, the wires have came out the crimped connector. The only option will be to send it EC for repairs. PS all the wires have gotten twisted any reason for that or it was like this.


It was like that only… And wires can be fixed/crimped but I need to know exact location of the wires to the corresponding pin.

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Is your issue resolved? If not I can help you with pictures of my dot.

Firstly, Wow one hell of an adventure and kudos to your commitment and dedication!!. Did your Ather charge with the bench power supply without any communication lines connected ? If not how did you figure it out?

Just a question If all it took was a power supply with higher current rating could we connect 4 or 3 dots in parallel for 48-36 amps. Each dot would cost 10k and a total of 40-30k. Should work ryt? (For 450x gen 2 and 3 vehicles)

I PM’d him so he can fix it himself, but never heard back, so maybe?

Yes, first trying to diagnose how the DOT works, then connecting a Bench power supply to see if it would take a charge or the BMS dumps it. Luckily it would accept the charge.

the power supply can be connected but they are expensive, the higher the current the more expensive they are. Bench power supplies are good for testing things, but not good for a continuous load.

it will work (theoretically) if you know to use 1 single Canbus board and connect all of the in parallel with only the option of turning on all other APC. But it’s too much work and cannot guarantee to pass the needs, a CANbus communication is a vital thing. My charger does not have it and I have to constantly monitor all things.

And lucky you have the dev mode. Maybe a CAN master/ translator who can read the scooter and send command to the PCs will work. But too much work to try at least for me.


No. I am not able to figure out the top three wire position. If I get that diagram it is easy to repair it. The charger is working only wire have come out

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Sorry I missed it somehow… if you know the wiring diagram for DOT connector please let me know

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Well this makes me question if this forums DM really work.

Lol that’s awesome, now this unlocks a lot of doors

What is the thin blue and black wire for?

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You should open the other screws PP is Yellow, CAN- Is GREY, AND CAN+ IS GREEN, Hope this solves your problem. BTW there is a brown wire in the picture on the top, I don’t think it connects anywhere, when you fix the connection unwind the wires, that much twisting can result in breakage.

from the connector, it’s GND and Data lines for using it with APC and from Fast-Charger there is only a blue wire which connects with GND. so I can use this connector with both APC and fast-charger without losing the ground connection.