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This is true, Tesla’s success does make a difference but ather should make sure to install chargers only in the premio bunks like shell/reliance as they have stores where we could pass time and every person filling petrol will burn looking at the vehicle charging :joy:


Dear Abhishek,Does it also apply to Sangetha Mobiles in Kolkata as well?

What’s special/different about Sangeetha Mobiles of Kolkata? It’s a Pan-India agreement that Ather and SM have signed, Kolkata is very much part of India, it’s a new city for Ather…so ticks all the boxes. Sorry If I’m missing something but want to understand from where you are coming from.

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By the way why are you answering my query? I had mentioned the name whom to answer. Don’t be very oversmart.

@umesh.garnaik: FWIW, @hemanth.anand is a moderator on the forum and has been nominated by Ather as an authority to respond on topics being discussed here :slight_smile:

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That is the beauty of a Community Forum. It’s a platform for discussion by every one and not a place for just two people to chat with one another.

Read the Community guidelines in the link below. Especially point number 5

If there is something specific to Sangeetha Mobiles of Kolkata compared to others because of which you have a question, do let everyone here know. If you do not wish to share, you may choose to ignore my question too.

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The same number 5 is also applicable to you The way you write the last line of your message and Kolkata is very much part of India. Anyway I didn’t find SM in Kolkata though I am from Kolkata. Can you please share the details if you have?

I have no business here on this topic but purely from an outsider’s view point, the tone of your message could be neutral and not tending towards blunt.


Sangeetha Mobiles has a presence in South India. I doubt they operate in Kolkata.

Hey folks,

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No they are of high kw more than15kw charger

It’s actually less about the power capacity and more about the charging protocol and standards. Unfortunately, The current Ather 450 will not work directly on any Non-Ather public charger today.

In fact the same applies to almost all EV 2W on the road today. None of them support the Fast charging network being operated by Discoms.

I just have 1 question , if you have tied up with Sangeetha mobiles to install any Athergrid does that mean only in the places which are actually owned by the Mobile selling company’s property could be installed and not any other place for example if a store in Purshawakkam, Chennai is not owned by Sangeetha mobile is only rented does that mean Ather can talk to the owners of the building to install it? because most of the stores are in rented agreement and they own only the shop premises and not the parking space

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You are right, Most of the showrooms will be rented only. Either Ather or SM will get necessary permission from the property owner. The legalities will all be taken care of pretty much similar the existing charging points. The cafes and restaurants where the points are installed right now, do not necessarily own the premises.

In general when there are many businesses in a single building, portion of the parking lot will also be reserved to each one of those businesses. In some cases one of them would’ve taken all parking with others not needing any at all.


Dear Ather users FYI…

I own an Ather 450 scooter and so wanted to visit this restaurant which has a charging point for Ather scooter - The only place, museum rd, near post office, Shanthala nagar, Ashok nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001, I planned my visit and accordingly reached there on 16-Aug-2020 11:30hrs. My Vehicle Reg. no is KA 51 HK 5321.

A Goonda valet driver approached me and spoke to me singularly in (Tamil. He instructed me all of sudden that vehicle has to be parked ahead of the charging unit. In this photo you can observe a cycle is parked leaning to the charging unit and my vehicle was parked exactly opposite to the charging station. He was doing unnecessary arguments with Ather owners. This incident was a painful one.

He was wearing a yellow T-shirt (valet), acts as if he is the owner of the place and his talks are very rudely and arrogantly trying to start a fight. 3rd class fellow! He thinks users of Ather scooter are cheap cadre people. In his entire lifetime he wouldn’t have paid income tax to our nation, but comments “electric scooters fellows are nonsense”

Restaurant manager should be held responsible for hiring such awful staff especially when people are already struggling to restart their business in this Covid19 situation.

Ather team request you to remove the charging unit from this place with immediate effect

I also request Ather team to make proper markings to park the Ather vehicle in rest of the charging units, so that henceforth we will not face humiliation from this kind of rouges.

Regards, Hemanth Guptha


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Even I had a similar experience in the same place a few months back. When I entered the gate the security guy looked at my Ather and asked if I am going to buy anything inside at the restaurant, I just nodded my head and entered inside.

Once I plugged the charger he kept observing me if I am going out or in. Just to avoid unnecessary problem I went inside but I didn’t feel like buying anything and at the same time I couldn’t spend my time inside too. The security guy didn’t allow to stand at the parking if I’m not their customer. So I stopped charging my vehicle and immediately moved to another nearest charging point in Kasturba road.

From that day I never go to museum road point even though the charging point shows available in the Ather App, whatever the time I had spent there I somewhere felt he is looking at Ather scooter owners as second class citizens, one must probably get down from a Benz or an Audi to deserve respect from them. I would also advise Ather to remove the charging point there and install somewhere else.


Did you log a complaint or let the restaurant know about this behaviour?

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I’m also feeling uncomfortable here after 20min. I’m standing outside on the road…This is my 1st visit here.

In my daily ride path 2 of other grid was not working…

  1. Malleswaram
  2. Indiranagar Any idea why? :thinking:

Oops I’m sorry to know, that you too had similar bitter experience, my demand to team Ather is to remove the Ather grid from this place (the only place restaurant).

Hello Mr. Raghav. No I didn’t, after the beautiful humiliation I underwent. Felt like moving away ASAP. But this place has multiple eateries & a demon valet fellow. Anyhow I thought of bringing this notice to all the Ather riders and Ather management, also demanding to remove the Ather charging unit from this place with immediate effect.

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Thanks for reporting this, @hemanthguptha. I’ve passed on your note to our Ather Grid relations team, who will check what exactly happened and take steps to resolve it.

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