AtherGrid Locations

Thank you… :handshake:

They didn’t allow me to charge. There seems to be a 16A socket there as well for charging, but they did not let a two wheeler into the car parking area.


I’m sure no one would have anticipated a two wheeler EV could make it to the airport. That’s why they didn’t let you in.

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Boss said 4 wheelers and you are missing 2 wheels. So no entry for you.


This is a Reva/E2O charging circuit and it charges only a Reva/E2O! Just like Ather’s proprietary plug design, it has a unique plug design and hence no other vehicle can be charged here. I’ve not taken our E2O there, but this same thing is in Forum Mall Koramangala and I’ve charged it there.

Excuse the unclear picture

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do u think this will help


Yes will surely help.

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I went with this to the airport:D

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As @raghav.srinivasan told, you were missing 2 wheels :smile:

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Probably take one more Ather 450 along :wink:


I went in my car luvcily, couldnt make it to the charging station as it was raining!!!

I think government must standardise the charging plug design so that any vehicle can be charged. And we can have a common charging stations just like fuel stations… just like the mobile phones.

Well even mobile phones have different types…

That’s Tesla’s V3

In the last owners meet, Ather Team has informed that Govt has agreed that a separate standard will be there for 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers, which itself is a big announcement.

Now we have to hope that Govt comes with a standard soon.

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I think we need to talk to Airport Authorities and take permission to charge Ather there… We have the design of the adapter… we can use that and charge… usually that parking space will be empty… At least we can use it…

Dilli ab door nahi!

@Shreyas let me know when I should pack my bag :wink:


I’ve not even unpacked from the previous one :smile:


yeah I am ready too… :smiley:

I will also join if I get my bike by the time it launches in Delhi and I get leave at office

My wife loves me but when I didn’t unpack till that Monday evening… I got that stare. Having gained experience in cracking codes the previous evening at Ambassador Pallava, I got the message and unpacked everything like a good boy. :grin:

Your wife must love you a lot that you’ve not yet unpacked :grinning: