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Hi I’m sharing my ev experience

I’m 1.5 years using Hero electric scooter it’s a City speed model is OPTIMA HS500ER. Per charge 110 kms range giving mee. Each and every battery give range 55 kms… 55+55 =110 kms two battery given mee

Totally I’m driving Electric Scooter ODO IS 18,000 KMS

Advantage of this Electric Scooter is

No range anxiety for me There are Two Lithuanian battery avalible on this Scooter… Good decent city speed on this Scooter.

My riding experience

per day I’m traveling to home to office up and down 60 to 70 kms on this Scooter I’m very comfortable to travel in City there is no noise , no vibration . No issues…

:stuck_out_tongue: Really Electric Scooter very funny to ride on road

Share my service experience.

Really service are very good, good service engineer response in hero electric… There is No issues on this electric Scooter I’m using daily no problem I’m facing till date 1.5 years I’m journey with Electric Scooter really amazing happy to ride on road with zero expenses on fuel…

So I’m suggesting to my friends circle switch to electric vehicles gys it’s a fuature nearly 500 friends members are switched to electric vehicles I’m really happy to see … my friends are riding Electric Scooter share positive ride experience with me … so really happy to hear my friends ownership experience.

Go green go electric :zap::zap::zap:.

Didn’t get the vehicle after almost one and half year from the date of launch. Today got a mail from Ather to share my experience. That’s all I can share for now.


Yess sir today also received mail from Ather side share your other experience. So now I share my experience please share about your ev experiences sir.

I had one of the worst experience with Electric 2W. Purchased Okinawa Praise Pro in Jan 2019 only to sell in Jan 2020. Company doesn’t support dealers with service, spares and dealers pass on the same to customer. First was a charger problem then was a problem with battery plug. Company did not support with charger and battery repairs but instead was bent on replacing with no assurance of when replacement under warranty will arrive. Had to repair locally in a village around 35-40 kms.from Pune since no expert technician for e2w repairs. Took the instant decision to sell. I have now formed opinion that I will further wait till e2w market matures with entry of strong players HMSI,Yamaha , Piaggio establishes business and there is a benefit to customer in terms of battery life, Increased range, sufficient battery charging/swapping stations and so on.Ather might be good but my experience is horrible hence decided not to burn further money in buying Ather.

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Did you have trouble after buying an Ather or before?

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I use the Bike rental services of Bounce , More than 90% of their ikes are EV, The experience is good , only need to get used to acceleration.

Hello everyone, I purchased my first ev scooter TVS Iqube 16 months ago ( March 2020 ) clocked 8,000 kms. ( only, cause of the police restriction and pandamic )

16 months of happiness - every time I pass a petrol bunk, it is happiness. Every time I pass by the old mean mechanic, it is happiness. The scooter offers fairly decent driving comfort ( I am a 58 year old ) - it is dependable, seriously dependable. Information on the dash, including navigation makes me wonder, how I lived without all these.

Looking back if I had waiting for one year I could have got Rs 10,000 FAME incentive. 16 months of happiness weighs lot lot more.

My deep regret today is why this simple technology took this long to reach a common man.

To the people sitting in the wall, wondering if she is good enough, she is pretty and within your reach to live happily. She is frugal, silent, peppy and a joy to travel and be with.


What range do you get on an average and tell us your riding style and also the amount you purchased the scooter for and did they charge anything extra for the charger or anything else?

I purchased the vehicle for Rs 1,15,000. Including 5 year insurance, RSA, registration, number plate, plus 2 chargers - travel charger and wall charger installed at home.

In 16 months I have traveled 8,000kms - that is 500kms average. Though the TVS company claims a range of 75kms - I have no trouble or anxiety reaching my farm house 82kms away.

Owning Iqube has been a pleasure and a good experience.

No mechanical issues with the scooter. Did have connectivity issues, I believe there are unfixed bugs in connectivity. To me it’s a trivile issue.

Overall experience is excellent.

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I think you need not worry about the 10k subsidy as it is still 1.1lac on road,so what I am guessing is they don’t charge anything extra for charger and its included in the on road price of the scooter. How much range can we expect in the power mode? And 82 is really impressive please give more info on Range of the scooter,many are worried about the range of the same

Like me, new users should be concerned about range. How do you overcome this fear factor.

To begin with every ev has a limitation on range - depending on your need, budget and options available in your area, pick your ev vehicle.

The first step is to know your vehicle - pl trust me every vehicle is different. Understand the your ev - payload, tyre pressure, battery range in different driving styles etc… As you understand the strength and limitations of the ev you own, the range anxiety will go - making room for confidence…

All the best.