Yamaha new Electric scooters - NEO and E01

From the insta post:

In a dealer event yesterday, Yamaha India displayed the NEO’s and the E01 electric scooters. Both are slated to launch in India - NEO’s in upcoming months, while E01 could be in 2024. The latter is also yet to be launched in international markets. Until that happens, here’s some info on them: NEO’s :boom: 2.3kW, 136Nm motor

:boom: 967w battery

:boom: 37km range

:boom: 8 hours for a full charge using a 3A wallbox

:boom: 20-80% in 4 hours

:boom: Front disc brake, rear drum

:boom: 795mm seat height

:boom: 135mm ground clearance

:boom: 98kg with battery


:boom: 8.1kW, 30Nm motor

:boom: 4.9kWh battery

:boom: 104km range

:boom: Full Charge - 1 hour with fast charging | 5 hours with wall charging | 14 hours with a portable charger

:boom: 755mm seat height

:boom: 140mm ground clearance

:boom: 158kg with the battery


Neo’s can be a good option (form factor) for those who want to replace activas or jupiters but the battery is too small and the motor is not powerful enough. The battery should at least be 2.5 kWh capacity to get a reasonable range, but I doubt if they have enough space with the current design.

E01 is very good specs-wise and it will find many takers if they can price it at less than Rs 2 lakhs with these specs. Or a 4 kWh battery option for Rs 1.6 lakhs will be even better. I am sure Yamaha will price this at Rs 2.5 lakhs or even more.


Neo has too small range. True range may be close to 30 km and hard to recommended to any one… Especially that it wont be sold cheap.

E01 specs looks promising, but sure, on-road pricing wont be less an 2.5 lacs. If they don’t choose the performance pack loop-hole, it is going to loose FAME subsidy as well.

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Looks swappable though, so maybe for a fleet application?


Interesting. Because, 1 kW battery weight may be more manageable when compared to Bounce Infinity. But, we will end up charging after every trip :smiley:

Yamaha won’t be cheap to be used as Fleet, unless some niche needs like uses within campus etc…


Please tell Us Ather’s new model will also have perks like this at least 4.9kw battery pack 8.1 or higher motor with liquid cooling, good clearance and least 100km on single charge on sports mode

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