Wrist pain

Hi All,

Need a suggestion on how to hold the accelerator throttle.

On my 450X S1, I completed 1400 kms in 27 days. However, I wish I could be wrong on this new assumption.

Let me explain the problem.

I started getting a pain near to the wrist, exactly otherside of the Palm, between wrist and fingers on right hand. I get this especially after crusing over “the new Rumble strips” (Govt layed on these rumble strips as an alternate solution for speed breakers). As a workaround, when I get the pain, I am trying to release my fingers from accelerator throttle, but no help. Once I get this mild pain, it continues couple of hours. I never faced this situation with my earlier two wheelers. I used to drive Honda unicorn for last 15 years.

Any suggestions?

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Assuming you don’t have Carpel tunnel syndrome… the only reason why you will get pain is if you are squeeze the throttle hard… your force on the throttle should be light and try countersteering techniques…

Of course learn first in controlled and safe environment

Wrong site.

The throttle on the ather is much more resistant to twisting compared to a conventional scooter. The recoil is quite strong. So it could just be some muscle strain. None of us were used to this sort of throttle before and I can’t speak for everyone but I’ve had wrist pain on long rides and I do even now occasionally. But if it persists I think you should go see a doctor :sweat_smile: or do some wrist strengthening exercises.


You had your gloves On? If yes, half or full?

I remember some of the pioneers had a “cruise control” mechanism with zip ties or hose clamps or something… if they read this, please help… (or was it brake lock)

I saw this one guy with this really good lock. Real practical

I want to use a gripper and a device like this but that would void the warranty. Its so stupid though. The present throttle is just so bad in quality. I got a new one 2 weeks back under warranty and even this one has started to melt off and get sticky. The last one had the same issue. And the one before that started getting sticking from inside.


I’d try this in your case. Riding gloves - Must at any case!

  1. Upgrade to a better Ergonomic throttle grip something like this. https://is.gd/hGQHVe

Or least

  1. Use a simplest solution, a Cramp Burster/Throttle Cruise Assist. (Pic)
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This one might hurt in panic situations… if we have to brake, first we have to unlock, right?

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Agreed. Not safe.

Eeuv! Doesn’t sound good. @abhishek.balaji

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Looks good, since it’s Decathlon so no question on quality. The only question is Does this fit to Ather?

Looks good but can’t go for it because of its own limitations on breaking part

Do remember that putting any sort of gripper voids the throttle assembly warranty I think.
So just keep that in mind.

Btw, whats the given warranty period? Hope that’s not different for different parts. :relaxed:

Apart from all the above suggestions, please visit a Doctor too.


Same 3 years on everything i suppose

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Oh my bad. Ok let’s take this as positive. Good that some health issue is identified at initial level before it turns worst. :pray:

Just checking for better understanding of the statement, does the Carpel tunnel syndrome specific to driving some kind of vehicles as I have no experience on driving a scooter in last 40 years

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Not exactly, but it can. But unlikely in your case. It’s probably just because your wrist isn’t that strong enough. But do show it to an orthopaedic just to be sure.

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Ather’s throttle diameter is quite small compared to other scooters or bikes. Due to this we tend to hold it harder and firmer.

This will cause pain on our wrist, forearm or even shoulder when you ride for longer distance.

Its always better to wear gloves which will give you additional grip, especially during rain its a blessing to ride with.

Or add additional grip depending on your comfort.

As hemanth suggested, go to doctor first.


Yeah, I am scheduling for a doctor’s appointment in next two days.

Any ideas for a better gloves?

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Even I am facing the similar wrist pain in my right hand…

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@abhishek.balaji this seems tobe a real concern for not a single user. Design team has some work there. Hoping that will be addressed. :crossed_fingers: