Worth getting an Ather in cities far from the Ather showrooms?

I wanted to know your guys opinion that if it is worth buying an Ather from the showroom and transporting it to your home city far from the showroom? Is the scooter reliable enough to take such a ‘risk’ and does Ather support 3rd party servicing yet?

I would do it if there’s at least one showroom in the state at this point.

I am also in a similar dilemma but here is what you need to ask your self

  • Is this a “want” or a “need”. If its a want (aspiration) then you can take a bit of a risk. If it is a “need” then you are better off with a ICE scooter.
  • Reliable or not, can you live without a scooter for 15-20days? it will take a lot of money and time to ship for repairs
  • Electric scooters have less moving parts but when it fails it will be a brick! you cannot get it fixed by your local mechanic
  • Parts most likely will NOT be sold to you! Example. you need a new belt drive; I don’t think you can buy it online or Ather has a spares store. You will have to send the scooter to Ather service center to get it changed (even if you can do it yourself) - cost will multiply. Lets say belt drive is 10k and add 15k for transport, now you have to shell 25k for a belt!
  • Are you willing to take the risk of shippers. If they damage, you bear the cost
  • In case of electric scooters, they use proprietary software to decode error code. They will not sell that to 3rd part mechanics.

For me Ather is a “want” than a “need” and I still drag my feet so thread carefully. Safest bet would be to wait for a shroom in your city if your appetite for risk is low.