Working @ Ather

Here’s to hoping this will help get in new talent to Ather!

Hopefully, new blood can help solve some of the software issues.

@abhishek.balaji can you open this up to other colleges as well? Maybe give an open link? I have a few juniors who might be interested to participate. I’ll definitely spread the word around just so I can have better software :laughing:


It is! Dare2Compete - Competitions, Quizzes, Hackathons, Scholarships and Internships for Students and Corporates

For other owners, if you want the software improved faster, and features implemented sooner, a showroom/new Ather Grid point opened in your favourite location, join now (:P)


If you can give us the App in Open source many will upgrade or find time to improve on their own :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously though what’s with the 5-year experience

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In my Google glance Feed, I was getting this since few days. I was about to ask this question if it is genuine… before forwarding

Now, you have confirmed that it is genuine. :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, it is not accepting 2020 grads… Hope that it opens up internship opportunities as well. I am keeping an eye on it since long!


My friend whose in SIMC also got offered internship. I so wanted him to join, I found him a place to stay within budget, sorted his commute etc with consultation from my cousin who has worked in Bengaluru. He told me to join with him giving his reference, (if HR is reading :wink: ) I told that my reference would work for him instead of his working for me :joy::joy: