Wireless Charging EV

Just got a crazy thought, how innovative will it be if have an option of wireless contact free charging. Something like park it in your parking area no hassle of plugin charger every time you want to charge. Just park it In your space where the floor bed fitted with wireless charger will take care of charging your EV. Or charge it on the go, like while on the go road bed which has this option will charge your EV on the go no worries of pit stop to charge your vehicle. Can we see this happening soon.

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Not really crazy. It’s already under development in many companies. Will come up in cars first and then trickle down to 2 wheelers. But will take some time…5 years possibly.

One of the many articles on that is below


Couple this with the technology of generating electricity due to friction of tyres / pedestrians and you my friend will have some of the energy back.

Or even better all those ICE vehicles generate energy for EVs and EVs charge while they are travelling.


I had read about this already. China is in the forefront of this.