Will there be more charging points in Chennai??

Hello to all Atherians!!

It’s been quite a year 2020 and one good thing about it was u git my Ather in Jan 2020!!

Having said that I made most of experiencing all the joys and thrills WELL before the COVID-19’s entry in Chennai, followed by the dreaded lockdown. Extremely happy to own an ather!!

However during this full lockdown and restricted lockdown one thing that was bugging me was the public charging situation in Chennai.

We only have 6 points in Chennai and during the lockdown at times only 3-4 working ones. And even those available are only in sylo(single point only)

During chennai launch the charging points around chennai promised was around 12… Till date there is not more than 6.

What do you all feel about this and @Ather atleast the charging points should me made multiple since at times we are waiting for charging which defeats the purpose of public charging.

Hope this request is reviewed and immediate setup of charging points across chennai and multiple charging enables at all locations.


Opening one soon in oragadam :blush:

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Hi Ather Grid team/ @abhishek.balaji Can we know whether there is any points to be opened in North Chennai newly? The few Grids in Chennai are removed like Kolathur(northwest) and Kriyates(south) but announced new points are still not commenced. There is need of Grids in North and E,W,South. Pl share the timeline for opening new grids in chennai

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I think they’re waiting to directly put up the grid 2.0 points for 450X faster charging. Even in bangalore, I think it’s been almost a year since a new point.