Will installation of after market accessories on Ather hamper its warranty terms in 3 year of unconditional warranty ?

If we wish to install accessories like:

  1. Mobile Holder
  2. Mobile Charger
  3. Floor Mat (with the floor mat screw)
  4. Indicator LED Blinker (Pattern Blinker)
  5. IoT items like remote dikki unlock
  6. IoT items like keyless operation

What all we miss in the factory loaded Ather are:

  1. Braking lever lock for uphill parking (must have) as when we are at a steep slope even if we are not parking but sitting on the Ather and talking to someone stopped beside me have to engage the brake or else we will move down thats damn dangerous and other 2wheeler brands provide this brake locking lever so that no such incidents happen.

Ques: So can we install such kind of other brands brake levers with locking system and not hamper the warranty !

  1. The headlight is ok but why no DRL into the headlight their should be a integration of led dot lights around the head lamp as of DRL and not the headlight glowing always that even consumes battery with a day/night photocell LDR sensor atleast.

Ques: So can we install such kinda DRL lights to look things better to us.

  1. Paying for subscription to get alerts, ride stats and charge info from the scooter and use the map service for navigation but lacks again because it doesn’t show up the realtime traffic to us which is not at all worth paying for the subscription becoz it should have that feature and we can take the right path or shortcut accordingly to the city traffic and road jam, disappointment is all what we get from all these latest features.

Ques: So will their be any such update ? And yes local map for offline use which will be downloaded on the dashboard and can be used when network is down or not available, say in a radius of 40kms we can download the offline map on the dashboard itself and yes when online we can see real-time traffic.

More to add if something comes to my mind. (Might EDIT and add)

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Any kind of changes to the OE (Original Equipment) will void warranty, even if you change the tyre to non-specific, they will deny the warranty.

Have seen a post by you where you have shown that we can charger even by a 12volt 3amp which is working and charges 4x faster than the normal dot and portable chargers. So I guess that will surely hamper ur warranty!

It will void the warranty and insurance companies may also deny claims too.

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Will the insurance company pay us for the battery if the battery is no more functional and non-respnsive, will that cover under the warranty if the insurance is 1st party done.

Insurance kicks in where there is damage due to an accident. A battery dying abruptly (equivalent to a petrol/diesel engine seizing or the transmission case blowing up without any accident induced damage) is not covered under insurance, rather would be covered under warranty.


Where have you seen that? Ather works on a 48v system, not 12v, The post which I made was to make aware that an aftermarket charger will work on Ather just in case.

PS: mine is an older gen 450 so the warranty is almost up. yours is still new, so avoid making any changes unless you are prepared to make sacrifices of the warranty.

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So what does insurance cover on an EV ? Can you explain :pray:

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