Where to locate motor number on Ather 450X Pro Series 1

Where do we locate the Motor number for Ather 450X Pro Series 1?

The RTO inspector at TUMKUR RTO KA06 asked me to locate it the similar way we locate it for other ICE vehicles. I just responded him saying that motor is under the body and it is not easy to open the body. He asked me to tilt the vehicle side ways and I tilted as requested and he asked some local Agents to see if they can find IT UNDER but they didn’t!

Finally he looked at the TR certificate signed by Electronic City RTO folks and agreed that it should be somewhere and just satisfied to see chasis number and it’s pencil impression!

It would be great to get an official answer from Ather and this can be useful to those customers who are taking responsibility of permanent RTO registration at a place where Ather isn’t serviceable yet!

Answered by @Rahul Many Thanks for the video!


One more person faced this while registering 450x in Hyderabad. The RTO folks ignored in his case also.

@ranganathsb Did they ask for Form 22 too?

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How much did it cost you for the registration?

@cyberboysumanjay I had form 22. Well it’s a big story. I made Ather to courier me my RTO FILE as they missed handing it over on my D-Day which added to the frustrating moments I had to go through that day!

@akxhaye Rs.1020(Actual fee Rs.937+Rs.73 -> the case worker or cashier don’t have the habit of giving change back if it’s not a multiplyof 10s or 100s) RTO fees and Rs.400 hand warming to agent.

I will write one single consolidated experience post once I get some time and my temper is at check. I will write it for my fellow customers who will need that info than to those who ignore my request and act blind and deaf to my concerns!


Surely bro, looking forward to reading about your experience. Would be helpful during mine.

@Rahul made use of his yoga skills to flex himself and reach the spot where this can be found on your vehicle.

Admins can mark this answered! And put in RTO FAQs!


Can see this video as well … towards the end

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This question was for those taking their vehicle to RTO on their own and to show to inspector…

Okie buddy,… could help to know how to get down there

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