Where should we ride to? 🤔

Hey folks,

We’re planning out the first Owners Ride for those of you in Mumbai, and we’re looking for suggestions! Typically, we start off from Ather Space and ride to a location that’s around 20kms so you can comfortably ride there and back in Warp mode. Any good locations that you folks want to suggest?


Hi @abhishek.balaji, We are actually planning on this Sunday morning ride and have been already discussing in our whatsapp group. Just to give you updates:

Start point will be Gateway of India, Nariman point, Mahalaxmi Ather Grid point with small break then Bandra Bandstand and finally to Ather Space to juice up our flight then back to home…

Let me know if you get better suggestion from others


Reaching gateway itself would use up good amount of :battery: It would be better if we start at ather space and end there. So that we have enough charge for return journey

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I’ll be skipping unless the rides are towards the north. To and Fro will use up all the juice.

I am okay to anything. Decide the time

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Re-kindling this thread, we’re planning on organizing an official ride with a lot more owners across Mumbai joining in + a few folks from Ather would also be joining in! This will happen in Feb, will share the confirmed dates soon.

Any suggestions on a long-ish ride that might cover about 30kms? Longer rides are preferred since it’s an opportunity for a lot more owners to get confidence in the range they can extract from a single charge!

Also, any requests on folks from Ather you’d like to meet?

  • Product/Software
  • Battery/Engineering
  • Industrial Design
  • Business

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@abhishek.balaji this time we are planning for North Mumbai. Will let u know when its decided.

This will be an official ride, so preferably starting point can be Mumbai EC where there’ll be a briefing to a destination that you folks can agree on!

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Yes plz. Aarey, Powai, National Park. 1 grid is must Near Borivali Highway


Yeah no worries. Will start from EC and then Warp it to other places :v:

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@abhishek.balaji saw forum post of Pune Rider’s trip to Karjat. if Grid’s are installed on Mumbai-Pune Highway, Rider of Mumbai can meet Riders of Pune. Just a thought.


Is there another ride for Mumbai owners happening again this month?

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There’s a plan on the charts, hopefully it happens!

Join here - Ather Mumbai Riders WhatsApp group, this is where all the action is.

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