Where do i even enter the referral code?

I can’t find the option anywhere, i am stuck at placing order and payment, i can’t find the option to enter the referral code anywhere.

Right after this page

You’ll find it on the next page which has personaly details.


But I don’t have that option, it keeps taking me to payment directly, I can no longer press back or access the page that has referral option. How do I go back and add it?

Referral code can be added only when placing a pre-order, looks like you’re trying to add it to an existing pre-order which won’t work. If you’d like to use the code, you can place a new pre-order using the referral code and then complete the payment.

I got referral credits of 55000, but there is no way I can redeem this much. Even if I pay for subscription it will come for many years. What other options I have to redeem, can I use this for buying a Ather? Hope while designing this Referral program this scenario is thought through

Credits get unlocked only when the Pre-order is converted to a confirmed payment.

Right now you only have 7699 credits that can be redeemed.

Yes thats correct, What if my remaining 45000+ gets unlocked? How can I use that. By buying subscription how can I spend that much :slight_smile: . I am asking can I use this credit to buy other things like Ather One Subscription or even a bike?

You can buy the smart helmet and the tpms once it comes out.

Provision to buy accessories like portable charger and for 450x smart helmet and tpms and performance tires, merch t-shirts etc will be made available.

I wish they make it easy to use equally to cash for all ather ecosystem services like for paid service and grid charging payment (when its no more free) and purchase of spare parts, 4g module for 450 etc. So that people having refferal credits can have more choices

My referral is NJ3YW0 please use this