When can we expect new model of ather?

When can we expect new model of Ather? ?


An update on this “soon”.


How soon, so should we go ahead or not with my purchase of 450x :sweat_smile:


It’s actually being worked on in their IBC head office. From a known source working at Ather office. Can expect next year April or May (this is my assumption) :laughing:

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Not that soon. Go for the 450X.


Is it another performance scooter? Or one of those more budget friendly


Can’t say anything about that. All I know is that something is on in their labs.


By looking at the design that was registered and markets, experts would say a range-ey model with adjustments for a lower price bracket.


Didn’t they say they’re not planning anything for a while in the recent owners meet? I mean, this is quite concerning given that the 450X is still not at a stage it can be considered a ‘complete product’. My only concern is that focus will shift to a new product (and if what @prateeksuri says is true, they probably aren’t even giving that much importance to the 450X at the moment and are are just trying to get the brand name out there).

I definitely would like a new model from ather that’s more affordable and ‘worthy’ of the price but not at the expense of what I’ve already paid for.


Well I have been told that with no further details. Gen 3 or 4 something like that. But hope its a product which is not for the near future.

450X will eventually meet the same fate as 450. I mean that’s how product cycle is like right? Hope its not too soon. This is a great product which needs some fine tuning.


They are working on getting more features to 450X and also may be a new lineup. But currently they are on 450X for sure. So let’s wait as I don’t think ather would pull the plug on 450X anytime sooner.


I sincerely pray that is what it is…

What would be the range of 450Z, if at all there is one in the pipeline. @abhishek.balaji . It could be faster in charging and on road. But should not have a faster draining powerbank. (A range of at least 150kms)

Update Google maps could be integrated with option of an additional battery similar to size of the portable charger.

(I saw a youtube video of and Ather450x with a main stand, this could add safety when parked.)

X to Z would be good

You may ask Y😀