What's happening in EV? 24 March 2020

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Every other week, @AnaghDeshpande and I will create this thread to share news happening in the EV space around the world. Feel free to share your own links and anything that interests EV enthusiasts. You can also ask questions to other community members and share your responses as well.

Here’s what happened the last couple of weeks, in a nutshell:

Tesla officially starts Model Y deliveries

Less than a year after unveiling the Model Y in March 2019, Tesla has started delivering the first set of units to customers in the US. Model Y is Tesla’s compact crossover electric vehicle built on the same platform as the Model 3. Tesla is delivering the Long Range AWD and the Performance model, with the standard range model expected to be available in 2021.

Harley-Davidson Livewire review

Electrek had the chance to review the Livewire, the all-electric motorcycle from Harley-Davidson. Electrek notes that the LiveWire is a really well-made, high-performance electric motorcycle that is a thrill to ride. It was built to demonstrate the level of quality and innovation they could bring to the electric motorcycle industry.

Richard Hammond goes on a road-trip in a Tesla Model X

The former Top Gear host, borrowed a Tesla Model X from Tesla and embarked on a 400km road trip from his home to Northwest England. He was traveling with his wife and documented the journey through a vlog. It’s interesting to see a petrol-head’s first time experience in driving a Tesla on a long journey, while also exploring it’s features and supercharging.

Charge your car or bike at a lamp post near you!

Magenta Power, a startup supported by HPCL has unveiled an EV charger that can replace an existing lamp post or installed on existing ones, so you can charge your bike or car when parked nearby.

Indian EV industry hit by COVID-19 outbreak

Indian EV manufacturers are expecting sales to stall due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The outbreak and lockdown measures have led to many manufacturers to shut down production, and a slowdown is expected in the sourcing of raw materials including cells.


Tesla announced that it produced its 1 millionth electric car — becoming the first automaker to achieve the milestone.

Moixa and Honda launch trailblazing smart EV charging project with Islington Council

Free of Heavy Metals, New Battery Design Could Alleviate Environmental Concerns

IBM Research is building on a long history of materials science innovation to unveil a new battery discovery.

Wisk and New Zealand Government to Partner in World’s First Autonomous Air Taxi Trial

Wisk’s self-flying, all-electric air taxi, called Cora, is the aircraft selected for the trials.




Imagine a city with smaller traffic jams, where users share the roads intelligently and life is quieter and more eco-friendly. Now imagine there is a modular car in this city. It gives you a warm welcome to its spacious interior. You are one of its owners. This is a car that can take you beyond the city, and even far beyond… This is 2025, and you’ve just climbed into MORPHOZ.

Renault Morphoz unveil and interview(Fully Charged Show):


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Unfortunately still looks like too many concepts and not enough EVs on road. :frowning:

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And the main issues being upfront cost and infrastructure (range anxiety).


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Hi Guys, Hope you all safe at home during the lock down. What do you guys think about the BS6 norms which are going to start from April 1st? What would you prefer now? An EV or a BS6 vehicle? Considering Maruti and some other manufacturers are stopping production of some top selling diesel cars what would you buy?

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Is the production of 450x models running fine?

The whole country is in lockdown, right?